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This Crazy Life

This Crazy Life

Y’all. Life is just crazy right now. Every time I sit down to put my thoughts or memories in this place something comes up, I’m totally distracted and it takes me forever to get back to it again. I’m loving every post that I get to share with y’all about our Scandinavian adventure. I do hope that y’all are enjoying them as well. It’s fun going through the pictures and reliving the experience! I know I’ll be so thankful for the posts when Chloe gets older and angrily tells me that trip doesn’t count because she doesn’t even remember it. She’s my daughter after all and I can already hear the attitude!
It’s just taking me so much longer than planned to get them all posted. I think I have about 3 more posts left; one in Stockholm and at least two for Copenhagen! I promise they won’t disappoint and my goal is to have them posted before Thanksgiving. But you know, life with a two year old can be unpredictable.

Also life as a dog mom can be unpredictable. I didn’t post about it last week because it had me so stressed out, but we were at the vet with Maggie a few times after she got into it with my parents’ dog. Don’t get me wrong, I blame neither/both dogs. They’re dogs and it happens, but Bailey got her jaws around Maggie’s face managed to sink her teeth in giving Maggie two puncture wounds. Of course it happened hours before JP left to go to Dubai. {Oh yeah, did I mention that I was single mom-ing it last week? I wasn’t joking about his crazy life!} I kept the wound clean and kept checking on it, but of course Halloween night her face swelled up and her eye swelled shut! We spent most of Wednesday morning at the vet with an infected dog and wild toddler. It was a blast, let me tell ya. Chloe wanted to go. Maggie wanted to get the hell out of there. And I just wanted everyone to chill out. Luckily our vet is amazing and fit us in despite her packed schedule. They drained Maggie’s wounds and got her on painkiller and antibiotics. I kept her in a cone for the first two days just to promote healing, but that was all we both could stand! It’s looking much better and healing now, but last week I was dealing with an agitated pup whose face kept leaking. Here’s a peek at how glamorous she looked post face shave and wound draining!

The Maggie debacle, JP being gone, the craziness of the holiday season, the business of having a two year old, life in general and a few other personal things have kept our family on our toes. Luckily we have each other and the most amazing family and friends to help us out along the way.

So here’s to Friday eve! I hope y’all have a wonderful and not so crazy Thursday. That’s what I’m shooting for.

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