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Weekends are for…
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Weekends are for…

…staying in your jammies all day because you have nowhere to be!

…waking up early on Saturday morning for your weekly long run. This week the heat, humidity and fog made it more like a swim, but I finished!

…celebrating your besties and their babies with the cutest 1st birthday theme on the block!




…chillin’ out and playing with your baby besties. It is a birthday party afterall!


…eating cake! Lots and lots of cake. It is delicious after all!



…being together. Weekends are definitely for being together especially since JP was in Dubai last week. We’re so glad to have him home.

…taking no pictures and having a football watching, super lazy Sunday at the house. We left only to get groceries since Chloe and I depleted our stores last week!

Weekends are for being awesome and that’s exactly what we did! Lazy days on Friday and Sunday, but the best fun celebrating Luke and Olivia’s first birthday on Saturday! Chloe and I are glad to have JP back home though. Things aren’t the same around the Gougler house without him.

Now our weekend is over and it’s back to reality. So here’s to Monday! I hope yours is as awesome as I know mine is going to be!

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