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The Scandinavian adventures continue! Today we finally find ourselves moving onto the next city! If you miss our Oslo outings, check out the beginning of our trip, our busy days exploring the city, and finally seeing Vigelandsparken along with some other free things to do in Oslo! After spending Tuesday to Saturday late afternoon in Oslo, we hopped on a train {all of us got on with no problem this time! See the beginning of our trip to read the full funny, but scary story!} to Lillehammer. The train ride was a little over 2 hours and Chloe loved every minute of it! Trains are the way to go when traveling with little ones. If only it was actually a possibility in Texas.

We got to Lillehammer, walked to the house we rented of Airbnb, got our luggage inside and then I headed off to the grocery store with Charlotte and her mom. This experience is a story in itself and I’m already veering off what I want to share today, so I’ll elaborate next time! Today, I want to talk about Chloe and her special day. Since we got to Lillehammer close to 7:00pm on Saturday, Sunday was our first true day there. Sunday was a CHLOE Day! We loaded up and Charlotte drove us to a little place called Lilleputthammer.

Does anyone remember reading Gulliver’s Travels? You know, the part about the Lilliputians? The tiny humans? Ring a bell? Well if it does, then you’ll totally get this. Lilleputthammer is a miniature version of Lillehammer! It has all the buildings along the main drag of the city as they were in 1930 built to a scale 1:4, so they’re a quarter of the actual size!

For the kids, each building has something different for them to play with! Some building were set up as little homes, a grocery store, a restaurant and other shops while others had a ball pit, gymnastics mats, a movie theater, books and comics and more!

For the adults, each building had details about the shop what it was in the 1930’s, who owned it and what happened to it from there. It was super cool! I loved seeing home the shops changed over the years. It even told us how one shop burned down in the 1960’s.

Set up all around the main street were little rides! Everything was meant for younger kids which was perfect for our tiny princess who wanted to do everything! The first ride we hopped on were the old fashioned cars. It took you around a little circle and when you got back to the start they’d ask if you wanted to go around again. I think Chloe took us around 3 times on our first time on the ride.

Her favorite ride by far was the tiny rollercoaster which she called a train! I think she rode it 12 times total, mostly with her daddy. The best part is that it wasn’t very crowded, so we didn’t have to wait in line at all. We simply walked up and hopped on to each of the rides!

Here are some of the other rides we got to enjoy:

Ferris Wheel



They also had bumper boats, a little drop ride and electric cars but Chloe was either too little or not interested in those. All around the park there were also little playgrounds and sand boxes too. At the back of the park there is a mini ropes course for the older kids!

By far Chloe’s favorite ride was the roller coaster train. She never wanted to get off it!

Another awesome feature about Lilleputthammer is that you can bring in your own food or of course, buy some there. We had packed sandwiches, fruit and chips, but ended up getting Chloe some chicken nuggets. That was mostly because she had been living on PB&J for the last week and we knew nuggets were something she would actually eat!

We ended up spending about 3 1/3 hours at Lilleputthammer. Charlotte came to pick us up at 2:00pm and Chloe was not ready to go. She wanted to keep playing in the sand and riding her favorite roller coaster, but girlfriend was tired and needed a nap! She fell asleep on the 15 minute drive back to our house, so I would say that Lilleputthammer was a complete success and Chloe had a blast!

When Charlotte picked us up, she pointed out the Olympic torch man carved out of the mountain trees across from us! I can only imagine how gorgeous this looks in fall when the leaves are changing!

We got back to the house where Chloe promptly took a nice long and necessary nap. Meanwhile Charlotte, Ole, Emily, Matt, Meena, JP and I went to the movies while my mom watched after Chloe! We saw Dunkirk which was an awesome movie.

We ended the day walking through town before going home and making a spaghetti dinner!

It was awesome having everyone join us even though Ben and Dad still hadn’t quite joined us yet! While JP, Chloe and I were at Lilleputthammer, everyone else spent the day wandering the city and going on a super long hike. Needless to say, we were all wiped after our first day in Lillehammer!

Stay tuned for the gorgeous views from our hikes!

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