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For my brother.

For my brother.

I interrupt our travel adventures to tell you MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!

That’s right my little brother is getting married this weekend and I can hardly believe it. Okay, he’s not quite my little brother any more seeing as though he’s got about 8 inches on me these days. But he’ll always be my little brother since once upon a time, I was totally taller than him.

A quick history lesson in mine and Ben’s relationship. As little kids, we got on just fine. We had your typical big sister, little brother relationship. Ben was always closer to Emily since they were close in age, and she was much more of a tom boy while I was the bossy big sister. As we got older, Ben and I definitely grew apart, and there was a point in our lives when we didn’t like each other very much. I was in high school and early college while he was in middle school and high school, and we just didn’t get along. We’re actually quite alike. We’re both sensitive souls, incredibly stubborn and set in our own ways. This caused us to argue a lot and drift apart. Luckily, with time, we both grew up and grew together.

I was able to visit him a few times while he attended Colorado School of Mines. I think through these visits, him being at home during holidays and just working on our relationship, we were able to become friends. I’m so thankful for that!

Ben has grown into an incredibly intelligent, handsome, gentle, adventurous young man. I couldn’t be prouder to call him my little brother. He has definitely had some rough years in his life, but not only has he come out stronger, but he’s a better person because of it.

Ben, I am so proud of the man you have become. You have persevered through the hardest of times and come out on top. You have graduated from an amazing university, traveled the world, started a job, lived overseas and now it’s time to get married! Corbette is a beautiful person inside and out. I couldn’t think of a better fit for you, and I can’t wait to officially call her my sister. I love you so much. You are a great brother and uncle, so I know that you’ll be an amazing husband. I pray that you and Corbette will grow even closer in love and faith as the years go on. I know that you will love and cherish one another. Remember to continue to be adventurous, have fun and live life together! Experiences are what make life fun. I love you both and can’t wait to see where life takes you. Now let’s spend this weekend celebrating!!!

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