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Friday Five

Friday Five

Happy FriYAY! Friday is here and the work week is ending! Time to kick back and relax. If you don’t work, or don’t work often like me, then that means you get your partner back to help you with the kiddos. There isn’t really any relaxing once the babes arrives. Unless you count after their bedtime!

Here are my five favorite moments from this week…

one. yogurt face
We’re working on using utensils. Keyword…working. Most of the time I give her a spoon or a fork, she holds it in one hand and then digs into her food with the other hand. At some point, she just drops it an digs in. We’ll get there one day! Until then, it makes for super cute and super messy pictures!

two. Harry Potter workout shirts
Something that every Harry Potter and brunch fan needs in their life…this shirt. It’s mimOsa not mimosA! Ashley got these for me and Ali for Christmas and I’m kind of obsessed. Obsessed enough to take this fabulous sweaty selfie.

three. my class peeps
When we decided to move out to the burbs, I had to decide whether or not to keep working at the gym downtown. I started working there 3 years ago and it’s hard to part with people you care about. I thought a good way to make it work was to keep my Monday classes! Now I’m just teaching my back to back cycle and Tabata classes. It’s a win win for me! I still get to see my work family and my awesome students, I get to do what I love and help people, plus I still get paid to workout. It’s also a nice bit of alone time for me when I’m driving back and forth. Some days I wonder if it’s worth it as I’m driving in, on the way home I realize that it definitely is.

four. home decor
I’ve been working hard on trying to get my new house decorated! Slowly but surely it’s coming together. We definitely have quite a way to go and some more furniture to buy to make everything complete. I’m hoping to get a post up on the blog soon to show the house and where we’re at now. Until then, here’s a sign that I made the other day while my momma whisked Chloe away! I need to work on the “The” but I’m a big fan of the “Gouglers.” 🙂

five. go Pack go!
Okay this picture didn’t actually happen this week, but the Packers beat the Cowboys this past Sunday and we’re all super jazzed up about the game this coming Sunday! Plus, she’s so incredibly cute that I can’t even stand it! So here’s to the game on Sunday…Go Pack Go!

Have a wonderful weekend y’all! If you don’t care about any of the teams left in the playoffs, go ahead and cheer on the Packers with me. They could use a little love! You could also cheer me on a little while I spend my Saturday painting and scrubbing base boards at my old house. I’m ready to get that sucker on the market ASAP!

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