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Lately: November 2016
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Lately: November 2016

Hello and happy post Thanksgiving back to reality Monday.

Lately, things have been a bit crazy. We’ve barely been home and when we have been home, we’ve been going, going, going nonstop!

We spent the beginning of the month in London.

I got home just in time to go out and vote! I’m choosing to keep most of my opinions to myself on the election though. Let’s just say that I pray that our nation comes together. More love and less hate!

I also got to visit with Ashley and see the tiny baby Waite twins when I got home! They were born on November 3rd, and I’m already absolutely in love. I can’t wait for Chloe to meet them soon. Luckily they only spend a few weeks in the NICU and they’re home now!

I spent the day with Ali and we dared to venture out to the Houston Nutcracker Market with our babies in tow! I’m so glad we did because I got some really cute Christmas decorations and gifts for Chloe!

Then we spent the next two weekends in College Station for some Aggie football and family time.

All of a sudden it was Thanksgiving! We were back in College Station with all of our family. First we had an early Thanksgiving lunch with JP’s grandparents at their assisted living facility.

Afterwards we went back to JP’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving with his family and mine!

Once we were stuffed to the brim with turkey and potatoes, we went to the Aggie football game which I’d honestly rather not talk about. On the plus side, my dad got to go to the game and the Aggie band looked fabulous.

Luckily we were able to spend a pretty low key weekend at home after all the craziness of the last month. On top of the traveling, football and holidays, we have another really big, exciting life event that we’ve been focusing all of our spare time on. I’m not quite ready to share, but as soon as I’m ready, y’all will know! That being said, my posts here will probably be a bit sporadic for the rest of the year. Kind of like they have been the last month. I can only split my attention so much and I don’t want to stress myself over getting posts up. I’ll still be around though. A post here and there plus there is always Instagram!

Now go off and have a wonderful Monday!

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