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Five Friday Favorites!

Five Friday Favorites!

Hello and happy fall! It’s officially my favorite season though it doesn’t feel a bit like fall around these parts. The heat index in Houston has been over 100 degrees for the past week. It looks like some rain may be coming in this weekend to cool things down a bit, but let’s be real, it’ll still be hot.

It’s Friday and I’ve been MIA since Monday! Things have been a little crazy around here the last few weeks, so today I think that we just need to focus on some happy things!

one. my baby’s baby obsession

This girl is absolutely obsessed with baby dolls. It started a few weeks ago, but last Sunday she fell in love with this one in particular. It’s actually her swim instructor’s, Sarah, doll that she has for the babies to play with during swim lessons. Chloe discovered it at swim and Sarah let her take it home last week. Well it hasn’t left her side all week. Baby takes naps with Chloe, plays with Chloe, goes in the car with Chloe, walks, park, meals, stores, you name it. It’s the first object that Chloe has shown attachment towards! I went and bought her the same doll, and she loves it too! Sarah told Chloe to keep the baby after swim yesterday, so at least now we have a back up.
two. our new favorite park
The other week, I remembered that Spotts Park had a playground for littles at the top of one of its many hills. We decided to hike up there on one of our walks and I’m so glad we did. Chloe absolutely loved it. Plus there were other kids there that were a little older to help her and show her the ropes. They have swings, slides, a seesaw and plenty of things to climb which is the perfect outlet for my climbing crazy kiddo. 
three. chocolate & pumpkin spice chip cookies

I made these cookies yesterday and they are so delicious!!! I received a free tub of Country Crock from Influenster in my Back 2 School Vox Box and I fully intend to share my creation next week! Get excited. Meanwhile, Chloe, JP and I will we eating cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
four. coffee, coffee bars and compostable cups

Another awesome item I received for free from my Influenster Back 2 School Vox Box are these Brew and Renew compostable coffee cups from Kauai Coffee, Hills Bros Coffee and Chock Full o’Nuts. The pods fit in all K-Cup style brewers and are better for the environment. Did you know that trash from K-cups last year alone would circle the earth roughly 11 times? Some cities like Hamburg, Germany have gone as far as banning K-cups and their coffee makers. Now I’m not saying that I am the most green person in the world, but I do recycle and try to limit my carbon footprint when I can, so I was excited to try these. I’m please to say they’re delicious and you can find them at your local Kroger or order them online from Amazon!  
five. i’m going to see my bestie and play at disney world!

Last December I bought an annual pass to Disney World so I could visit Julie a few extra times this year. It was the BEST decision! I was able to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and see Disney at Christmas time. I went again for runDisney marathon weekend and JP actually came along with us! This time we’re going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and I.Can’t.Wait!!! I get to spend a long weekend with one of the best friends I could ever ask for and hang out at one of our favorite places. I just know it’s going to be the best trip. I’m interested to see how Chloe does this time around. She’s much more engaged and mobile these days, so I’m sure it’ll be crazy, but a blast!

Just thinking about all these awesome things: freebies, baby love, cookies, best friends and Disney has me all sorts of happy now. Now onto the weekend! I’m looking forward to starting it off with a much needed double date with my sister and her husband. It’s our first official double date since they got married in June.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

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