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Fall into Favorites: Races

Fall into Favorites: Races


It’s the Monday of my birth week!!! We had such a fun weekend brunching, watching football, lounging and being with friends and family! We had a little pre-birthday brunch on Saturday with some friends and family since my birthday is midweek and I’m leaving on my birthday for Orlando to spend a long weekend with Julie. I’m so so so excited! 
I know I won’t be running much while I’lm gone this weekend, but luckily I’ve been keeping up with my runs thus far…

Last Week

Sunday: 6.2 miles
Monday: Cycle + Tabata
Tuesday: 2 mile walk
Wednesday: 2 miles speed work
Thursday: 3 4 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6 miles Rest

This Week Proposed
Sunday: 6 miles
Monday: Cycle + Tabata
Wednesday: Kickboxing + 2 miles speed work
Thursday: Disney Rest Day!
Friday: Disney Rest Day!
Saturday: Run…not sure how many miles
Since Monday have been running talk days for me later, I thought it would be fun to flashback to some of my favorite races that I’ve run! 
First we’ll rewind to September 28, 2013…that’s right…my birthday 3 years ago we ran the Zooma Cape Cod half marathon. It was by far the most beautiful race that I’ve ever run.

Not only did it have the best scenery, but it was also the best weather. Cold, but not too cold. Not humid at all. Sun shining. Breeze blowing. It couldn’t have been better. I even met a fellow Texan that I ran the second half of the race with.

I think I owe my PR to her! It was my fastest race to date in 1 hour 51 minutes 22 seconds. I wanted that PR medal so bad but didn’t think I’d get it! Training for a September half in Houston is tough, but I think the Houston conditions helped me in the end.

Oh and going to Cape Cod for your birthday weekend with your best friends pretty much makes for the best race weekend ever!

 We all know that I’m absolutely obsessed with runDisney races. I’m not going to go through each and every one of them because all Disney races are my favorites. Instead I’m flashing back to February 2014. This is one of the most memorable Disney trips!

I ran as Cinderella! The weather wasn’t the greatest. It was warm and incredibly humid, but I stopped and took tons of pictures with characters and just had a great time overall! I also got to share the experience with the greatest friends in the world. Friends that travel together, stick together?

I think this trip was so memorable because the entire weekend was just FUN! We had our first character lunch, went to all the parks, ran our race and had a blast.

The last race that stands out in my mind as an absolute favorite is the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon! This was my second marathon. I loved it more than the first for a few different reasons. One, the weather was amazing! My first marathon was freezing and raining. This one was cool and sunny! By the end of the race it was getting quite warm, but I still loved it.

Two, I got to run with my awesome running buddies turned great friends Chandra and Melanie! The first marathon I ran with Melanie, but Chandra injured her hip midway through training season. It was so encouraging to be able to train every week with these girls and then run for several hours with them on race day! We stuck together until mile 18 and then we kind of settled into our own speeds.
Three, JP joined me on Allen Parkway and ran the last few miles with me! I was hurting pretty bad, but JP was in prime condition. Just what I needed, someone to boost me up and push me hard to the finish. I finished 2 minutes slower than my first marathon in 4:03:39, but I’m still super proud of that number!
Now I just need to figure out my official fall race! I have so many trips coming up that it’s hard to figure out which one to run. All this running and reminiscing about races has me eager to sign up for one!
Any thoughts on fun races that I need to run? I’m open to all options for future race/vacation destinations!

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