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Woah Life.
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Woah Life.

Oh hello! It’s Wednesday and I’m literally just now able to stop by and say hi! Life has just been like woah lately. Definitely not in a bad way, just in a crazy way! I’ve been gearing up to be crazy busy at work the next few weeks and my baby sister is getting married in just 10 days! But let’s rewind just a bit. In a few words I’ll brief y’all on the last few days happenings…
For starters, my baby brother graduated from high school! What?!? We have just over a 10 year age gap and 11 years difference in school. After nearly 29 years come August, my parents will officially become empty nesters.
Of course, in true Timmer fashion, we celebrated! We do love a good celebration. Matt didn’t want a graduation party since so many of his friends were having graduation parties, so we had a nice family dinner at Benihana!

Dinner was followed by the actual graduation ceremony and again in true Timmer fashion, lots of pictures! Unfortunately, those pictures are not on my phone or camera, but I do have this one for y’all. Pouty baby. She was a good girl during the ceremony minus the fact that she wanted to pinch, scratch and bite me the entire time. Literally, the entire time. I have a gash on my nose to prove it

So aside from graduation, we’ve been pretty darn busy. One major life event to another! Everyone needed a chill day Sunday, so we spent the day relaxing with my family in Sugar Land. We swam, grilled out and tried to catch our breath before the following days to come…
This kid loves the water y’all! We can’t keep her out! We also went for a quick dip at my sister’s apartment complex on Monday evening. Chloe loved the fountains and I loved watching her.
We were down at my sister’s Monday because she was supposed to have bridal portraits, but there was a 90% chance of rain and she didn’t want to risk it. Of course it ended up sunny and beautiful. Instead she was able to get her marriage license and help get her apartment organized since her fiancé in moving all of his stuff in!

The good news is that we got her bridals done yesterday! We can check hair and make up trial and bridal portraits off the list! Yippie! Since her pictures were originally scheduled for Thursday and were postponed until Tuesday, it was a very stressful ordeal. I think everyone is breathing a little easier now. Not to mention, the pictures are going to be amazing. This little nugget had to help out some and turned out to be the cutest accessory!
Next up is the fun part. Bachelorette party this weekend in New Braunfels! The party starts tomorrow! I can’t wait, but that means I’m leaving my little nugget for the third time. This time she’ll be with her daddy, Uncle Ole, Jojo and Pops. I know she’s in good hands. Things will be crazy the next few days, so I probably won’t be back until next week. But who knows, maybe I’ll give y’all a sneak peak at all our fun. Or maybe, just maybe I’ll get my San Francisco post up. No guarantees!
Happy Wednesday y’all!

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