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Weekend Photo Dump!
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Weekend Photo Dump!

It’s funny how Monday always seems to show up again and again. I guess we shouldn’t complain because that means that life is going on just as it should! I could go on without the Monday morning blues though. I miss these mornings when my little bug wakes up and fusses a bit until I come grab her from her crib! She gives me the biggest smile and loves on me a bit which is the greatest feeling in the world! I’m lucky though, I only miss her two mornings a week. Plus, I love what I do! I don’t love waking up before 5am and sometimes before 4am, but I love my job, helping others and getting paid to work out! It’s all worth it in the end and I’m a better momma to Chloe for it.
So how do we clear away the Monday morning blues for just a little bit? We look back on just how amazing out weekend was and hope the next one is just as amazing!
Thursday and Friday were pretty uneventful! We were rained in Thursday so we played inside all day. By Friday we were ready to be outside as much as possible, so we headed down to my parents! It was a beautiful, sunny Earth Day!
Saturday I started my morning with a run on the bayou! I had to check out the water level of the bayou and see how runnable the trails were after last week’s floods. The water has gone down, but the bayou is still high, some trails have too much debris and the dog park is closed for a while.
Later that day we went to watch Kristin at her riding competition! She competes in reigning and it was fun to finally see her compete in person. {I got to watch a stream of one competition a few months ago!} Then we got to spend some time together which was so nice, but it wasn’t nearly enough! The res of the day was spent running errands at Babies R Us and dinner at a new restaurant within walking distance of our house called Skinny Ritas! It was delicious! It’s a different take on Mexican food and some of it is even healthy. I had the quinoa and veggie chile relleno. It wasn’t battered or fried and it was filled with quinoa, edamame, corn, squash and bell pepper. They also served grilled veggies on the side instead of rice and beans which I loved! Unfortunately, I still ate way too many chips which I don’t think will ever be considered healthy. If only…
Our alarms went off bright and early Sunday morning, so we could get down to UofH’s campus for the March of Dimes March for Babies! My mom works at Houston Methodist and is a neonatal nurse. All the Methodist employees around the various locations join together to make a team! Last year I was on our babymoon when my mom did it, so I knew I wanted to join her this year. Our guys tagged along and Chloe too! It was her first “race.” We walked 5 miles around the University of Houston and had a blast! We got free sun glasses, hats, necklaces, ice cream and more. Tons of fun and for a great cause!
Afterwards, JP, Chlo and I headed home for the rest of the day. There was little resting on our Sunday because we were busy clearing EVERYTHING out of our kitchen. Nothing in our cabinets, nothing in our drawers, nothing on our counter tops, completely clear because we’re starting our renovations today!!! I am so incredibly excited. Before pictures were taken and I can’t wait to share with y’all our before and afters. Hopefully I’ll have a good recommendation for anyone looking for contractors in the Houston area. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I hope y’all had wonderful weekends as well! Now we just have to take a deep breath and remember that the next weekend will be here before we know it! Have a happy Monday y’all!

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