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On the Road Again: Speed Workout
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On the Road Again: Speed Workout

Okay, while the post title may suggest that I am or am going to be traveling on the road again, that’s not quite the case. I’ve been traveling though. And on the road. But by foot! A few weeks ago I got back into running action after a few month hiatus!

Here’s a brief rewind in case you’re new around here!

In February 2015, I severely sprained my ankle while running at 16 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t able to run for the rest of my pregnancy. Only a mile at a slow pace towards the end when I wasn’t really up for running anyway! It was so disappointing as I was hoping to continue running and racing throughout my pregnancy.

I started running again around 6 weeks postpartum and it wasn’t easy. I ran short distances, took breaks and didn’t push myself too hard. I reflected on getting back to running post baby to help other mommas out there and to encourage them not to give up!

In early November, I started having hip issues. My SI joint flared up due to overcompensation from my ankle over the past several months. This set my running back yet again. I couldn’t go on long walks until the end of November, and I didn’t run again until the end of December. This was a challenge since I had back to back half marathons in January! I went into my first race with hopes of finishing. I planned on walking and taking picture stops since it was at Disney! My amazing, supportive husband ran with me, helped me push through and even finish in 2:25. 

The second race was the following weekend and in Houston! This was my 6th consecutive Houston Marathon weekend event, and after the successful weekend before, I knew I could do it again. This time I even finished in 2:06! After my accomplishments, I reflected on what it was like to go from Marathoner to Mom. Life has changed, priorities have changed. Shortly after my marathon to mom post, I took another running break to truly heal and get excited for running again. Which brings us to today!

I’m running again!

Truly running this time. No aches. No pains. No peeing my pants. {TMI? Sorry, it’s just the truth and I’m proud of it!} When I started running again after giving birth, I started too soon because I was itching to run again! After experiencing injury after injury, I knew I needed to stop and take a break after my races. I continued to walk and walk and walk. It was easy to do with two eager pups and Chloe as my walking companions. I made sure to walk quickly and get my heart rate up to make it worth it, and I tried to go between 2-4 miles. Eventually, I’d head out with Chloe and do some walk/jog intervals. I did more walking than jogging, but it felt good to get my heart rate up and push myself a bit.

A few weeks ago, I woke up, did my usual Friday morning thing and then I was itching to run. Like really get out there, feel the pavement under my feet and push myself kind of run! So I did. Lucky for me, JP works from home on Fridays, so I was able to go baby stroller free!

I hit my favorite trails along the bayou and tackled just under 4 miles. It was the best I’d felt running in a long time. And so my running began. I’ve been trying to run 3 times/week as I ease back into it. Here’s what last week looked like:

Sunday 4/17: Rest {It was baby shower day!}
Monday 4/18: Teach Spin {45 minutes} & Tabata {30 minutes}
Tuesday 4/19: 3 miles @ 9:55 pace
Wednesday 4/20: Teach Kickboxing {45 minutes}
Thursday 4/21: 2 mile walk @ 17:00 pace
Friday 4/22: Rest
Saturday 4/23: 3.65 miles @ 9:35 pace

This week has been off to a pretty good start! I’m trying to get back into it the right way this time to avoid injury. I’d like to run some 5Ks here and there over the next few months. I signed up for a virtual 5K to get things rolling! Plus it was a Super Mom 5K which seems fitting as my first Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I’m planning to run that one this weekend. My next goal is to figure out my fall race or races. I don’t want to push it or over do it too much. We’ll see what the future has in store for my running career!

Since it’s Workout Wednesday, I couldn’t leave y’all without a challenge! In honor of my return to running, I’ve got an interval run for y’all to try. Channel your inner superhero and focus on speed like The Flash!

Running Speed Workout

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