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10 Steps to Throwing the Best Baby Shower Brunch!
Baby Shower

10 Steps to Throwing the Best Baby Shower Brunch!

Baby showers are some one the best parties to host. There is so much joy and excitement in the air for the new mom to be! After hosting several showers for several of my friends, I thought I’d share my 10 steps to throwing the best baby shower brunch! Because what mom-to-be doesn’t love brunch?

These 10 steps are essential to throwing the BEST baby shower brunch for the new mom-to-be! You can't go wrong with delicious brunch foods and good friends. #babyshower #babyshowerbrunch #brunchshower #babyshowertips

1. Gather the mommy-to-be’s closest friends and family members to host an awesome shower. 

We had 5 women and it was a great number. Enough to split the costs and tasks nicely, but not too many so that coordination is hard.

2. Create a Pinterest board for everyone to contribute ideas to. 

This was one of the first things we did to start planning. It allowed us to share ideas we had with one another and match together the ideas that worked. I also was able to show Alison {our mommy-to-be} what we were thinking to make sure they fell in line with what she envisioned for a perfect shower. This really helped us when it came time for step number 4!

Follow along with me on Pinterest for some fun ideas!

3. Find the perfect location to host the shower. 

We were fortunate enough to have Alison’s mother-in-law, Susan, as a shower host who graciously offered up her home. Y’all, her home is gorgeous! It was the perfect place for a shower. It wasn’t open, not too crowded, had plenty of seating and places to set plates & drinks down. We couldn’t have asked for a better location.

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4. Create a to do list and allow people to offer to do certain tasks that best fit their skills or ability. 

After allowing everyone to pin creative thoughts, it gives an idea of who might do what. Laying out what tasks need to be completed helps to start determining who should do what. Some main assignments are: invitations, food, drinks, games, decorations, specialty items {cake, diaper cake, diaper raffle, etc.

We had a shower host that lives in San Francisco, so she was in charge of invites since she was farther away. She had clearly done it a time or two; prettiest invites ever! We also had a host who provided games for another shower, so it was easy to pinpoint her for that task. Laying it all out there helped everyone to figure out what they could do best.

Boho floral invitations are perfect for any baby shower brunch! The mom-to-be is sure to love them! #babyshower #showerinvitations #babyshowerinvites #bohofloralshower #babygirlshowerinvitations

5. Have an e-mail thread to keep all the hosts up to date on everything up until the shower. 

It’s the best way to keep tabs on who is doing what! With hosts from San Francisco to Galveston to the Houston area, we needed a way to easily stay in touch with each other. We were able to discuss our Pinterest ideas, assign tasks, ask questions, show each other pictures, so on and so forth. I wasn’t always the best about responding promptly, but always got around to it when I remembered. I’ll blame it on mom brain and multitasking!

6. Choose games that suit the group of people attending the shower. 

Ashley is the queen of shower games. She made amazing games for my couples baby shower last year which resulted in her title of queen of this department. She talked to me about all the games we played at my shower, then we decided to cut a few and add a few since it was all women and a bit of a different crowd!

We played the baby taboo clothes pin game, baby food tasting game, gift bingo, baby word scramble, famous families and a diaper raffle! A diaper raffle is the best idea for a baby shower. Diapers are expensive and it’s nice to have a small stockpile before the baby arrives! Plus that means someone wins a prize! Oddly enough, my mom won the diaper raffle! I gave her a few recommendations on what she could use her gift card on.

7. Decorate! 

Decor is so important to create a beautiful shower. Susan and I were responsible for the decor. She had so many beautiful baby accents and touches here and there! I created a diaper cake, bow holder and several personalized onesies using my Cricut! I also purchased various outfits and small baby accessories for her clothes line. Susan had several items to donate to that as well. We had so many adorable little pieces that we had to narrow it down and choose. I think it worked out beautifully!

Baby girl shower diaper cake!
Baby shower clothesline.

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8. Prepare the most delicious foods. 

The best part about having a brunch baby shower are the food and drinks. We each had about two items that we were responsible for. I personally made mini pancake stacks and a rosemary grapefruit mocktail. I also brought the champagne because champagne. Enough said! It was even more delicious mixed with the mocktail like a mimosa! Some other items on our menu were scones, a yogurt bar, grilled chicken skewers with dipping sauces, mini quiches, roasted veggies and mini chicken & waffles!

9. Decide who’s going to be the announcer. 

It may seem silly and small, but I realized just how important it is to have someone direct the flow of the shower. Luckily Susan mentioned this the day before the shower! Someone needs to introduce the hosts, make announcements and help set a general time schedule for the shower. Usually if I’m in a group, this is my job. I think it’s my loud, carrying voice and bossiness that qualifies me for that one!

10. Put on a pretty dress and your best hostess face, it’s shower day! 

These 10 steps to throwing the best baby shower brunch helped our group coordinate and throw an awesome celebration! I hope that you find them useful to throwing your own baby shower brunch!

Pin me for later!

These 10 steps are essential to throwing the BEST baby shower brunch for the new mom-to-be! You can't go wrong with delicious brunch foods and good friends. #babyshower #babyshowerbrunch #brunchshower #babyshowertips
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  1. Love these! Especially #1. If you have a great crowd that is there to celebrate then everything else will follow! xo

    1. I completely agree! The people there celebrating are the most important 🙂

  2. Your friends are blessed! What wonderful tips!

    1. Thanks for reading!

  3. Your setup looks AMAZING! I haven’t been honored to throw a baby shower yet, but I would love this idea! Brunch is brilliant!

    1. You can never go wrong with brunch! It makes the theming simple and easy!

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