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5 years ago…

5 years ago…

…I woke up and decided to start a blog! It’s crazy to think that (a) I’ve been doing this for that long, (b) I didn’t quit, and (c) that there are people still around reading my random musings!

Five years is a long time. I mean, people have “5 year plans.” In five years, I could have…

  • attended college and graduated. (Good thing I already had that one under my belt.)
  • had a few babies. (I did have one!)
  • moved across the country. (Oh wait, I did that.)
  • changed careers. (Yeah, I did that too.)
  • achieved world domination. (I didn’t get started seriously until about 3 years ago, so I’ve got some time.)

I know that the past few years, I haven’t been posting as often and lately my content can be kind of Chloe focused, but hey, that’s life right? And this is a blog all about finding a balance in life. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at how I got into this space and how it’s changed over the past 5 years!

It’s all started with this little post. JP and I moved to Pittsburgh and I realized right away that telling the same story over and over again was kind of a hassle. I literally started this blog as a way to keep my family and friends updated on our lives from across the country. That’s how A Glimpse of the Gouglers was born. I shared my posts on Facebook for people to read, but that was about it until that fall when I actually found and connected with “the blogging world.” Pinterest was new and all the rage. I began crafting and cooking more in my free time and found my blogs view and number expanding beyond family and friends!


We moved back to Texas with our pup Maggie. I was very invested in the blog at this point and loved interacting with the blogging community. I started going to blogger meet ups and making new “blog friends” around Houston. Blog talk and just girl talk with other bloggers helped to boost my creativity and find new blogs to follow. It’s funny how much more invested you are when you know the people that are reading your blog and you know the face behind the site when you’re reading.


Midway through the year, I decided to rename my blog A Balancing Act. It was no longer simply about my family, but more of a healthy living, lifestyle blog. A place to find the balance of a healthy, happy life! I became even more invested in healthy living when I took a risk, quit my job in sales operations, took the NASM CPT and became a full time fitness specialist. This career change solidified the focus of my blog around family, friends, food, fitness and fun. Who knew there were so many awesome and appropriate F words right?
This was sort of a weird year for me. I was settling into my new career and my new EARLY morning wake up calls. I didn’t have a computer always at my disposal which made blogging kind of difficult. Being a fitness professional requires different than “normal” hours, you’re constantly physically active and you’re mentally and emotionally drained since we sort of work as therapists as well. It makes for an exhausting day, so this blog was getting pushed aside for rest and other home/dog chores when I made it home for the day. I still loved it, but I was loosing steam. I didn’t get guest bloggers when I was traveling. I didn’t have any posts scheduled ahead of time. I just needed a “break” in order to find out my new blogging normal.
I became pregnant and continued my fitness career and blogging about workouts, recipes, life experiences and healthy living, but added a whole new component, bumpdates! While growing Chloe Grace, I wanted to document every feeling, each week and all my emotions. My blog served as the perfect place to do this and it was definitely a hit with my readers! It’s turns out that people love to read about pregnancy. I know that I always read when my favorite bloggers became pregnant and posted updates! As my pregnancy went on, my posting became more sparse. I was pretty exhausted from early mornings at work and my creative juices were limited. But Chloe eventually came and then the blog was A LOT about her. That and getting back to my new normal post pregnancy.

My goal for this year is to continue blogging, but to be more regular on my posting! I hope to blog at least 3 times a week and to get my posts scheduled ahead of time. I know we’re only a month in, but so far so good. I plan to keep blogging about life in general. Balancing posts on Chloe, recipes, workouts, funny stories, race recaps and just life updates! I want this to be a place that I continue to enjoy writing and sharing my journey. I hope you all continue to stick around and enjoy this ride of life with me. Juggling everything can be pretty crazy, but after all, isn’t life A Balancing Act?

Thanks for joining me on this awesome ride. I can’t wait to see what else this blog has in store for me! Stay tuned for something extra special this week. You’ll be glad you did!

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