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2016 Cooking Challenge

2016 Cooking Challenge

You know what I haven’t done lately? Cook. Literally, my cooking skills over the last few months have been sub par. Most of the time, my meals can be ordered, heated in the microwave, or they were made for me. {Shout out to my awesome momma!} We’ve been so busy traveling, visiting with family and then the holidays that I haven’t even had a good trip to the grocery store. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have had time to actually cook a good meal if I had gone to get all the ingredients!

In order to remedy this situation, first of all, I need time. It looks like I’m going to have a little more of that on my hands {Emphasis on LITTLE} once I get back from this last trip of ours! Second, I need motivation. While the desire to be a good wife inspires some to cook, I need a challenge. I find that challenging myself to do something encourages me much more than just saying I’m going to do it! By realizing this, I have given birth to the 2016 Cooking Challenge idea.

Here are the rules I’ve set up for myself:

  • Find recipes on Pinterest, cook books, my favorite blogs, or anywhere on the internet to try each week.
  • Cook at least one new recipe per week {That’s 51 recipes this year since this week doesn’t count!}
  • Blog about the recipe. Include any changes I’ve made and if it was a hit or a flop!

Naturally, I’ve been perusing around Pinterest to see what types of recipes I’d like to try first. In order to give our bodies a reality check and get back into healthy eating post holidays and traveling, I was drawn to several clean eating recipes. What do y’all think about these? {Click on pictures below to visit the site the recipes are from.}

Orange Chicken Stir-Fry

Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

Garlic Chicken, Zucchini & Corn

Quinoa Chicken & Broccoli Casserole

Balsamic Salmon

What do you think? I’ll have tons of new recipes to add to my repertoire and maybe even try some things that I usually wouldn’t! I’m not limiting this to dinners only. Some weeks may be breakfasts, appetizers or even desserts. Maybe I could put a healthy spin on recipes that may have a little more butter and sugar than I’d like. Who know, we’ll just have to wait and see what I can come up with!

Anyone want to join in on the challenge? Maybe you don’t have time to do it every week. Try once a month! We can even share some of our favorites and try each others. I’m pretty excited, since I love food and I like to cook as long as I’m excited about it!

Do you want to join in on the challenge? Leave a comment below or shoot me an e-mail at!

Feel free to send me links to your favorite recipes!

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