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iPhoto Dumpdate

Happy Tuesday folks! You know what? The past two Mondays have absolutely kicked my butt. Going back to work is actually much harder than I thought it would be, and it’s different aspect than I thought that make it hard. Waking up is killer. I knew it would be rough with a newborn, but 4:30am comes way too soon. Then I get there and I’m happy about being in a place that feels like home, but after the morning rush, I bonk out. Then I have to teach classes at lunchtime. In fact, on Mondays, I have back to back Cycle then Tabata. I’m trying to find a happy balance of doing both, but it’s tough. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of everything soon because I was in bed by 9pm last night and couldn’t pry myself out of bed until 8am. That is so not like me! Luckily Chloe let me sleep 🙂 Speaking of Chloe, I thought I’d do a photo dump and give update on what’s going around here today! Not just Chloe but the pups and everything else as well!

Since I can never get enough of this face, we’ll start with Miss Chloe Grace!

  • She’s been going on several adventures lately! She…
    • took her puppies to the dog park.
    • watched her Uncle Matt play football again!
    • spent the weekend at Nonna and Poppa’s house while all of her mommy’s family was in town last weekend!
    • went to Top Golf and slept the whole time.
  • This weekend, she get’s to go to College Station to see JoJo, Pops and Auntie Kate! And she gets some super special JoJo time 🙂
  • She’s still learning so many new things. She…
    • has officially found her thumb and loves to suck it in her swing and when she’s trying to fall asleep. Hey at least I have a self soother!
    • can sit up while leaning back on the couch by herself!
    • likes tummy time for the most part, but has no interest in rolling over. She really likes to suck on her play mat. It’s kind of weird, but whatever makes her happy!
    • smiles all the time. She’s a very happy baby and the morning is her favorite time of day.
    • loves standing up and bearing weight on her legs! She’s super wiggly and loves to move which is why ChloWorm is the best nickname for our wiggle worm.
  • She’s still the center of our universe and will continue to be forever and ever.

Maggie and Moose haven’t had good updates on here in a looooong time! That’s kind of Chloe’s fault 😉 but trust me, these two crazies are still getting tons of love. Here’s what’s going on with my first two babies!

Maggie is…

  • still the queen bee; whatever she says goes! She’ll be 5 in November and loves playing with her brother, watching her baby, chewing on Nylabones, going on walks, licking lotion of people’s legs and feet, snuggling her mama and spending time at her Nonna and Poppa’s house.
  • absolutely obsessed with Chloe. She is constantly checking up on her and making her she’s happy. If Chloe cries, you better believe that Maggie is right by her side.
  • happy and healthy as can be! She is about 52lbs of solid muscle which you can feel when she decides to use your lap to push off when sneak attacking her brother.
Moose is…
  • still my happy, little pup. He is 2 1/2 and loves swimming no matter what the weather, running as fast as he can, chasing anything that comes into his yard, going on walks, staring out the window to protect his house, snuggling anyone who will let him, playing with his dog sister and sniffing his human sister. 
  • not sure what to think about Chloe. He realizes now that she’s not going to leave, so he’s slowly starting to take interest in her. He ignored her for the first month and a half. Now he’ll look at her, sniff her and occasionally lick her hands or feet.
  • healthy now after a little scare! He had a bump on his hind leg that the vet said could be a cyst or potentially a tumor. Luckily, after the A&M vet school did some tests, it is a severely infected and inflamed hair follicle. It’s finally starting to get better! 
Don’t worry, these babies still get plenty of love and attention! A few less walks since it’s still crazy hot outside, but cooler weather and lots of walks are in these puppies future!

As for JP and I, we’re surviving day to day still trying to figure out this adventure called parenting. Some days are so easy and natural, but some days are tough! We wouldn’t have it any other way though. This little girl completely rocks our world! We are still trying to do the things we would have done before Chloe like go to Aggie football games, tailgate, visit friends, spend time with family and watch the Astros in the play-offs! Okay, that last one hasn’t happened since we’ve been together. The last Astros play-off season was the year before we started dating, but we got to go to the game Sunday and it was awesome to see the Astros win! Hopefully we can pull through and beat the Royals in Kansas City tomorrow!

Now go have a fabulous Tuesday and remember to think, “At least it’s not Monday!”

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