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Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday y’all! It’s Friday Eve and I’m done working for the week. I was up at the gym bright and early this morning to teach class, but really just didn’t feel fantastic. In fact, my head is killing me and I think it’s those darn allergies. I was supposed to sub a class at lunchtime, but had to get CJ to sub for me because I just don’t know if I’ll make it. That being said, I’ve got a lot of random things on my brain and my girl Rachael (remember her awesome Harry Potter party?) links up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays. So today seemed like the perfect day to join in!

  • How is it already the middle of October? This year is flying by. Now, I wanted the month of July to go fast and of course it was the slowest month ever imaginable and I’m pretty sure there were 24 weeks in July alone. I blame that on being 8-9 months pregnant. Ever since Little Miss arrived time is going too fast. She’s growing up so fast! But she’s just the best. I mean, how did I get so lucky?
  • Speaking of Chloe, does anyone else think that babies are hilarious when they are pitching a fit for no reason at all? Chloe pretty much lost it the other day because I set her down to get situated before nursing her. I mean lost it. Look at this face! Her legs are stretched out, arms are flailing and she is screaming bloody murder. I had to take a picture before actually feeding her.
  • This weekend we’re back in College Station and the Aggies are playing Alabama. It’s going to be an awesome game as long as the Aggies don’t play the same way they did against Alabama last year! JP and I are lucky to have his amazing parents in College Station, so not only do we get to seem them, but Jody is going to watch Chloe so I can go to the game! We’re looking forward to tailgating with our friends out at Spence Park for the first time this season. It’s crazy to think how much Aggie football games have changed for us this year. Definitely for the best though.
  • Do y’all ever have really hungry days? Like you have a case of the never fulls? I feel like that’s me every Monday and Wednesday now that I’m up so early and working so hard! Just regular work on top of working out makes me hungry enough without adding breastfeeing on top of that. I’m looking for some new healthy, filling snack ideas. Anyone have something they absolutely love that isn’t the usual hummus and carrots or yogurt and granola?
  • I’m back into running again and officially training for Disney and Houston 1/2 marathons in January. I’m also training other runners at work by creating plans, helping them stick to their plans, providing tips and focusing on speed and hills. This week I did my speed work on my own and I was so proud! I sent a few of my runners a treadmill hill workout that I thought I’d share with y’all. It’s a great way to get some hills in without having to run outside in the Houston humidity and 90 degree temps after work!
  • I’ve got 7 miles planned for tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to the cooler temps that have been gracing Houston mornings the past few days!
  • Last but not least, I started physical therapy yesterday to help with my ankle injury from earlier this year when I was pregnant! It was awesome, and I love my therapist. She really wants to focus on getting me back to my prepregnant shape which is including a lot of core and pelvic floor work along with my ankle strengthening. She even wants to have me work with the running specialist, so I’m actually really excited. In fact, I should probably go work on those exercises she prescribed for me!
Y’all have a wonderful Friday Eve! And remember…


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