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Weddings, Floods, Bachelorettes and Babies
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Weddings, Floods, Bachelorettes and Babies

Happy Monday! Look at me being all on top of things and actually blogging! (Which is super impressive for me today because I am completely wiped!) It’s been forever since I did a weekend recap, and in the last few weeks, lots has happened! So instead of a weekend recap, I’ll do a life lately recap!

Let’s rewind to Memorial Day weekend! We attended CJ and Paula’s wedding! CJ and I work together and have become friends over the past few years. One day we decided that we should double date and needless to say I clicked with Paula and JP and CJ bonded over sports (and the fact that they both go by letters…) The wedding was in Houston at the Rice Hotel Crystal Ballroom. I danced the night away with mostly Caitlin and occasionally JP when I was able to drag him out on the dance floor!

Top to Bottom :: Left to Right
1. My wonderful husband, baby Chloe at 30 weeks and me!
2. Towards the end of the evening with the bride! I made sure she had a few swigs for me!
3. Bride and Groom
4. First dance
5. Our name cards. These are special because CJ is from Hershey, PA, so Hershey kisses were perfect!
6. Health Club at Travis Place rockstars: Lauren, CJ, Amy, Caitlin
We’ve been dealing with off and on rain for pretty much the last month. Literally it rained a majority of May. The bayous and rivers were up but not too high. The evening of Memorial Day, a huge storm blew in. It didn’t just rain, it REALLY rained! Y’all it was insane. I was up for a majority of the night because the thunder was so loud and lightening was so bright. By about 3:00am, JP decided to get the pups out of their kennels to let them snuggle him on the couch. I continued to try to sleep with little luck before my alarm went off at 4:30am. Once my alarm went off, it got crazy…
My colleague Lauren (see picture above!) called me to let me know that she was stuck on I-45. It was a parking lot. And the gym receptionist was stuck in her apartment complex because of the rain. Instead of worrying about getting to the gym, I worried about getting Lauren off of I-45. Turns out, it was a parking lot because a portion of it was flooding and the water was rising since the rain was still coming down. I got JP on the phone with Lauren and 45 minutes later, she was finally at the gym. I met her up there and we pretty much had 5 people all morning. We ended up closing the gym at 11:00am because there weren’t enough people downtown for us to be needed. 
Once I got home, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. What are the odds? Seriously, it was crazy how bipolar the weather was being. JP and I took the pups down to the bayou to see the aftermath.

These were both taken on my iPhone. Can you believe the Buffalo Bayou rose 35 feet? Of course, since our dog park in on the bayou, it was completely flooded. Can you believe it? You can see just the tops of the trees and light poles!

Here’s a picture that JP took at 7:00am when the rain had just stopped. The bayou rose up above the street level. What you see is down Montrose Blvd at Allen Parkway. Luckily, things have pretty much returned to normal and it looks like this week will FINALLY be sunny.

Fast forward beyond the crazy week of rain to this past weekend. Saturday we celebrated Caitlin’s bachelorette party! Two of her other bridesmaids drove in from Dallas and San Antonio to celebrate with me, Lauren and of course, Caitlin! We started the day at Pinot Palette in Montrose which is a mile away from my house! They enjoyed lots of wine and champagne while I drank Fresca out of a wine glass so I could feel fancy like them! Our paintings actually ended up pretty good and we had lots of fun making them!

As we were leaving Pinot’s, it started to drizzle and storm clouds rolled in. Within seconds, the flood gates open and the sky was dropping down water in sheets! We managed to drive just a few miles to Hotel Zaza where thank goodness they have valet parking. We checked in and got up to our room to continue our party and wait out the storm. We sang, danced and got ready for dinner and a night on the town. We ate dinner at El Real, then stopped by my house for an hour before I dropped the girls off at Howl at the Moon in Midtown. At that point, I gracefully bowed out and let the girls continue their shenanigans without a tired, crabby 7 months pregnant lady 🙂 Turns out, they had a complete and total blast. I mean how could they not when there was a bachelorette that looked this good?

Last but not least, my cousin Dan and his wife Ashley had their baby boy this past Friday! Camden Joseph was born May 29th at 1:33pm! Dad and I really wanted to drive down to Corpus Christi to visit them since we’re the only family within driving range! Dan and Ashley moved down from Illinois (where my dad’s family is from) to Corpus in January. Since Camden made his appearance two weeks early, their families weren’t planning on coming down for a few more weeks. I’m so glad we were able to spend some time with them and hopefully help out at least a little bit! I mean just look at how handsome this little guy is!

Like I said, these past few weeks were pretty jam packed and life isn’t slowing down. Next up we have my high school reunion and maternity pictures! So much fun in so little time. June is going to be crazy before July slows down just a bit before little Miss Chloe Grace arrives!

We are loving life right now and can’t wait to see what every day has in store for us!

Does the start of summer months mean crazy business for y’all?

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