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31 Week Bumpdate
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31 Week Bumpdate

Y’all I’m not sure how this week completely get away from me! Monday was Memorial Day, Tuesday we dealt with Houston flooding (a post on that to come next week!), Wednesday I was exhausted beyond belief and Thursday my mom and aunt came over to help decorate the nursery

How Far Along? 31 weeks 
Size of Baby: A coconut! She’s between 15-17 inches and weighs somewhere around 3lbs! She’s only a few inches from the length she’ll be at birth. From here on out it’s all about packing on the pounds. Who doesn’t love a chunky baby? Except let’s hope she steers clear of 9+ lbs at birth since I weighed a whooping 9lbs 12oz. No lies y’all. I was a ball of muscle. JP wasn’t a tiny thing himself. He weighed just over 8 lbs, but dropped to 7lb 15 oz because he peed 🙂

Baby Amy at 2 1/2 months old! I need to get some baby pictures of JP to share for our next bump date!

Weight Gain: Probably up 23-24 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m right on track and actually feeling good about my gain which is important because originally I struggled with accepting it!
Maternity Clothes: Yup! Target and Pink Blush Maternity are still my go tos. I recently bought a new dress from Pink Blush for my maternity pictures! You’ll have to wait to see it though!
Stretch marks: I may have found a few under my left boob 🙁 Luckily it’s a spot that is reserved for my husband and my eyes only. And eventually Chloe 🙂 
Symptoms: Occasional nausea in the morning, lots of gas (sorry JP!), rib pain, back and foot aches, anemia, occasional headaches.
Cravings: Bread, peanut butter, cookies, more peanut butter, toast, peanut butter crackers, crunchy cookies, peanut butter and jelly toast, cookie butter, cold fruit, peanut butter cookies, etc. Moral of the story is…if you want to make me happy, give me bread, cookies or peanut butter. I’ll be pretty happy if you bring me fruit too 🙂
Gender: Little Baby GIRL!!!
Mood: Crabby in the early morning, happy during most of the day, crabby and irritable in the evening. So I’m crabby when I’m exhausted.
Nursery: I’m giddy with excitement. I have the coolest most helpful moms and aunt ever. First, my mother-in-love, Jody, came last weekend and paint the whole room PINK! She is pretty much a professional and the walls are perfect. Isn’t she the BEST?

Yesterday, my mom and Aunt Dianne came over and helped me start hanging things on the walls! We got a good start, but I’m waiting until after my showers next month to finalize everything.

The “C” was given to me for Mother’s Day by my little brother’s girl friend, Brittany. It fits her room perfectly!

Belle was originally in my sister-in-law’s room when she was a little girl and I’m loving it above the guest bed in Chloe’s room!

Movement: My ninja gymnast is still very active. Mornings, evenings and when I’m trying to go to bed are her favorite times of the day. Now her kicks and flips are more like stretches and I’ll just see (and feel) movement drag from one spot to another. Little girl is running out of room in there. Her kicks and punches are also becoming a little more violent and even startle me sometimes!
Sleep: As long as torrential rain and thunderstorms aren’t destroying Houston overnight, I’m actually sleeping pretty well. I’ve been pooped lately and cherish every minute of sleep I can get.
Workouts: I’ve been staying really active! Lots of walks with the pups as long as it’s not raining and I’m continuing to workout with my classes. I’m a bit slower and have to modify some of the exercises, but I feel like a rockstar! I shared this picture on social media from earlier this week:

What I Miss: Being comfortable in the evenings when relaxing on the couch!
Belly Button in or out? I’ve pretty much popped. My really inny belly button is now an actual button!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Labor Signs: No, let’s keep it this way for 9 more weeks!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat. I don’t eat red meat due to digestive issues, but I’m even having trouble eating chicken some days. 
Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: Seeing Chloe’s nursery come together and celebrating JP’s 29th birthday!
Looking forward to: Maternity pictures and my 10 year high school reunion next weekend! 

31 weeks and May is over. 2 months until I get to see my sweet baby girl’s face! I’ve started having dreams about her and it fills my heart with so much joy! June starts on Monday and this next month is going to be crazy…high school reunion, maternity pictures, baby showers and a wedding. I. Can’t. Wait!

Holy cow! It’s hard to remember what I looked liked at the beginning of this pregnancy. I’ve gotten used to the bump and the changes. I think the funniest thing is that back at 21 weeks, I totally thought that I had a big bump. Yeah…not so much! I’m hoping there won’t be an additional 41 week bump picture to put my 31 week bump to shame…

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you’re 31 weeks along with little coconut! You look amazing! That bump is just too cute. What are your best tips for a belly only pregnancy because you are doing amazing girl! The nursery is coming along beautifully! Keep on truckin mama! You’re almost there <3

    1. Thanks Cendu! This post was actually from a little while back. But my biggest tips for the belly are to stay super active! I continued with my fitness and walked almost every days especially those last two months!

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