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A Timmer-Gougler Christmas
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A Timmer-Gougler Christmas

This Christmas felt different then Christmas in the past. I don’t know exactly what made it feel different though. It could be that I worked up until Christmas Eve and didn’t have time with my family before for it to sink in. It could be that the past few months have been so crazy that Christmas snuck up on me. It could be that I just have so much on my mind. This year just felt different. But it was wonderful all the same.

Christmas Eve I worked my usual 5am-1pm schedule before JP and I took off for Sugar Land. Mom and Dad both had to work on Christmas Eve this year as well, so it was just the kids at home. We spent the evening together as a family. We started our annual puzzle, opened our new Christmas PJs, and snuggled by the fire watching the best movies: Christmas Vacation, Home Alone and Elf!

Christmas morning started bright and early as it does every year. Our alarms went off at 6:00am {which is sleeping in for me!} and we all headed downstairs to open our presents! Christmas morning is exciting no matter how old you are! Maggie absolutely loves opening presents, so she was walking around trying to get into everyone’s stash.


After presents, we got ready for church and we at St. Laurence for 8:00am mass followed by donuts for breakfast! I literally eat donuts once…maybe twice a year {Christmas and Easter}. Donuts are always followed by our annual post Christmas mass pictures in front of the fire place before the boys change out of their nice clothes!



We spent the rest of the morning lounging, putting things together and playing Kan Jam which Emily got Dad for Christmas. We messed around until lunch was ready which was pretty much Thanksgiving part 2. And I loved every bite. Of course JP and I had to head to Houston shortly after for Christmas with the Gouglers and Coffmans {JP’s mom’s family!}.


It was the first time in about 3 years that everyone from Jody’s family had been together and it was wonderful to celebrate Christmas with so much family. We opened more presents, ate even more food and lounged on the couch with our bellies full of far too much food.


Though Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas at first, it turned out to be just wonderful. I know that 2015 is going to be a crazy, awesome, wonderful year. I can’t wait!


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