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Guns and Buns

Guns and Buns

Guess what? I’m going to Disneyland! TODAY! Surprise! I’m so pumped and ready to celebrate Ali’s dirty 30 at one of the most magical places on earth! We usually head east to Disney World, but this weekend we’re venturing west to less humidity and beautiful fall days!

I was 14 years old the last time I was in California. It was for a cheerleading competition and it was actually in Anaheim. So now I’m heading back 13 years later and still as in love with Disney as I was then. Maybe even more. Since I won’t be performing at a cheerleading competition or running a half marathon, like I usually do for Disney, I need to make sure I get a little workout in. Especially with the holidays right around the corner. I also know that a lot of y’all are traveling this time of year for work, play and holidays. Here’s a solid Guns and Buns workout you can conquer in your hotel room!


I found this tank at and they have tons of other adorable Disney workout tanks for my fellow Disney lovers!

If you find yourself traveling (or evening just bored at home!), give this workout a go to get your guns and buns in holiday shape!

And now, I’m off to Disney! See y’all next week 🙂

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