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Remember me?

Remember me?

Oh hey lovelies! Remember me? I’m the girl who used to come around these parts in a daily basis and kind of fell on and off the face of the earth. Don’t worry. I’m here. I didn’t fall off the earth. It’s round! Not flat. Didn’t Columbus teach y’all anything? Speaking of Columbus, did anyone get Columbus Day off last week? I didn’t, but apparently many teachers around these parts did. I don’t remember getting Columbus Day off when I was in school. We were robbed. Oh well. I thought I’d ease myself back into the blog world and catch y’all up on what I’ve been up to lately and by lately I mean the last two weeks!

Clockwise from top left.
one. Hot and humid long run. First half marathon is this coming Sunday!
two. Ali & Amy
three. We love Aggie football. Even if we really do suck.
four. Tailgating with my main squeeze

Legally Blonde the Musical…puppy snuggles…

one. Legally Blonde the Musical at Cy Creek High! It was so cute. Now I want to see a professional production. Stat.
two. Flowers for the Technical Theatre Director! So proud of Ashley for her first show!
three & four. Puppy snuggles. I just can’t get enough of them.

Mother-Daughter weekend at Coushatta, L’Auberge and Delta Downs…

one. Stop one…Coushatta! Such a blast and I’m super thankful for their smoke-free area!
two. I love elephants.
three. Penny slots for the win.
four. My momma and me! She’s the absolute best. 

…P.S. We both ended up big winners! And on the penny slots!

Check that out! She ended up with about 275 free spins! Say what? We both walked away over $100 up on the weekend.

Being a typical white girl and eating & drinking anything and everything pumpkin flavored this fall. From coffee creamer to M&Ms and fro-yo to cinnamon rolls. I can’t get enough. And I’m not sorry.

So as you can see, there haven’t been too many super crazy and exciting things going on. I have some other projects in the works that I’m keeping on the DL right now. I’ll be sure to share as soon as I’m ready. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone anywhere. Not that I think any of y’all were concerned.

Fall is crazy and I’ve felt so unmotivated to do anything that involves my computer. I’m jumping back on the bandwagon though. I like writing on my little corner of the interwebs too much…even if no one is really reading 🙂

So don’t worry, I’ll continue to stick around. I’ve got a great workout ready for y’all later this week. You know…the holidays are right around the corner. Plus it’s football season which is pretty much worse than the holidays! I’ll give you something to kick your booties into shape 😉

Until then…happy Monday y’all!

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