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Flashback Friday: Octobers Past

Flashback Friday: Octobers Past

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Hooray, hooray, I love Friday. I love waking up later. I love enjoying my coffee. I love blogging on my couch while watching my DVR. I love productive mornings around the house. I love only working for 2 hours at lunchtime. Yup, I love Friday. You know what else I love? October. My birthday has now come and gone, so it’s officially time for me to start cracking down on the holidays. Yippie! I know it’s just October, but it’s time for fall decor, the beginning of Christmas shopping, Halloween, cooler Saturday morning runs, more football games and everything else that fall and holiday season brings us.

I decided to take today to look back on my Octobers past. You’ll see a common trend with things I happen to love a lot. Football…running…weddings…

October 2009
Enjoying my final semester in college. {I graduated in December!} Aggie football, fun times with friends, teaching lots of group exercise classes and only taking 9 hours of school!
October 2010
Six months post wedding and this seems to be the only picture I have! Of course this was a few months pre-blog. Luckily, this is one of my favorite pictures of my daddy and I. It kind of reminds me of this one…
My daddy and me…20 years ago!
October 2011
Another Packers picture, but this time we’re actually at Lambeau Field watching the Packers kick the Broncos’ butts! It was an amazing trip with my dad and baby brother. I’m ready to go back that’s for sure.
October 2012
Danced the night away with two of my favorite people, Luke and Courtney! Isn’t she gorgeous? Now if only they didn’t live so far away in Denver. I guess all the more reason for us to go back up there again. Especially since we didn’t get to see them last time!
October 2013
October is when marathon training season kicks into high gear! Long runs every Saturday and we’re running double digits each week. For some runs, we can tackle some races like the Houston Half! Last year, it rained so hard that the race was postponed an hour. We were able to start once the storm rolled off, but it was still raining. Despite a much needed potty break and the rain, we still finished in 1:56. Let’s hope the weather is in our favor in 3 weeks for this year’s race!

And here we are in October 2014. October 3rd to be specific…

Thanks for the pic Ali!

And it’s Friday. As we’ve already established. I hope y’all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! Happy October y’all!

When do you think Holiday Season starts?
What’s your favorite part of October?
Mine is pumpkin spice lattes and football for sure!

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