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Timmer Chicago Shenanigans
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Timmer Chicago Shenanigans

So two weekends ago, my dad, sister, husband and I ventured up north to the midwest. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! Tons of family and fun! I shared a sneak peek from my iPhone pics last week, but this week I have some of my favorite pictures from Dan & Ashley’s wedding. Instead of blabbing, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Judy – Dad – Emily – Me – Pat
Judy & Pat are my dad’s super awesome and totally fun cousins 🙂 Loved that we got to spend time with them!


The photographers were taking pictures as the guests walked out to their seats. I loved that! I asked them to snap a pic with mine and shot a few great ones!
The wedding decor was absolutely adorable. I loved some of the loving touches that Ashley put into everything.



Pre-wedding group picture!


Ceremony candids


Again, the details that Ashley put into the wedding are perfect. The navy and coral color scheme, the small details, the handmade touches. I loved it all!
Their cake was really similar to mine & JP’s wedding cake so I super loved it! Oh and I loved the candy bar. Duh. Hello sweet tooth!


Oh yes we can…and we did!


This guy <3 p=””>


Sisters with our Uncle Bob! Who also happens to be my God Father 🙂


Aunt Kim & Uncle Tim’s intro followed by the fabulous Bride & Groom!


They played the shoe game when a question is asked and they have to pick who is more likely to do/say/whatever. They did a pretty solid job and I just happened to snap a picture on the only one they got wrong.


After all of the usual wedding shenanigans, the party began. As usual, I was sure to be a champion on the dance floor. It’s where I live at weddings!


Cousin Dance Party!
And one of my favorite shots of the night…brothers! 4 out of 5 of the Timmer brothers.
Tom – Tim – Jim – Bob
{Just missing LeRoy!}


 I’m so glad we were able to make it up to Illinois to see my amazing family. We rarely have the opportunity for everyone to get together and this was the perfect occasion.

Don’t worry family, I have many more pictures to come! I’ll post them up on Facebook 🙂
And Judy…I’ll be mailing you your camera card super soon!

To Dan and Ashley,
I love you both so much! Ashley, I officially welcome you to the crazy Timmer clan. I wish you both many years of love and happiness. You’re a beautiful couple and I know that God has such wonderful things in store for you. Now come down and see us in Texas! Stat!


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