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May Days: River Floatin’

May Days: River Floatin’

Monday is here. My head is finally feeling better. A new week is among us. And for whatever reason, I’m in a super good mood. Maybe it’s because I know I have a busy, but fun filled week ahead of me. I mean, one of my best friends is GETTING MARRIED this weekend! I’m so ready to celebrate Chandra and Michael, but we have lots to do before then!

I’m jumping ahead of myself. As excited as I am about this weekend, let’s rewind to the amazing-ness that was this past weekend! Friday started just after lunch as the birthday boy and I took off to New Braunfels, TX for a weekend with some of our best friends. Sounds pretty awesome right? It was 🙂 We actually got into town just before 6:00pm, unloaded our stuff at the condo and headed into Gruene. Our first stop was Vineyard at Gruene for a wine tasting followed by a glass on the patio. It was a picture perfect day and I was soaking up the gorgeous weather…we all know it’s going to be uncomfortably hot in southeast Texas before we know it! After enjoying the day, we decided to head just a little further into downtow Gruene for dinner at the Gristmill Restaurant which is an old cotton gin that burned down in the 1920’s. After dinner, we walked over to another winery for just one more glass while we waited on our friends to get into town! Once they were in town, we hit up downtown New Braunfels which was within walking distance of our condo to celebrate JPS’s birthday!
one. Sunny Texas drive
two. Vineyard at the Gruene. Wine stop #1
three. Me and the birthday boy!
four. Gruene water tower right over the Gristmill
five. Vineyard through the wine glass
six. My girls 🙂
seven. Guisache Grill
eight. Had to have a picture with the princess store!
nine. My little Moose just layin in the dirt. He’s all boy


Needless to say, Saturday morning we were moving a little slower than usual. But by 11am, we were ready to hit the river! Since it’s still early in the season, it wasn’t too hot or too crowded! I made the girls some pretty sweet cups to make our float even better.


Since water and iPhones don’t mix very well, we don’t have any pictures from the float 🙁 After floating, mini naps and showers, we went out for dinner Huisache Grill. The best part is that while we were waiting on our table, we were able to sit outside and walk around the little shops nearby. I was able to resist and not buy anything! Dinner was delicious and worth the wait. I had a delicious seafood salad with salmon and shrimp! Dinner was followed by another night out in downtown New Braunfels. We went to a fun little bar with live music! An excellent end to another excellent day.
Sunday morning we were up and at ’em to get the condo cleaned up and the cars packed. We went back into downtown Gruene for coffee and walking around the Sunday morning shops before lunch at Clear Springs Cafe. After lunch, it was time to go home. And by home, I mean my parents. The pups were there and so were my dad and brother, so we hung out with them and my dad grilled out for us! Perfect end to yet another perfect May weekend.
I’m pretty sure this is the best May ever. I know it’s not over, but it’s going to just get better! This I know 🙂 Now I just need to figure out when our next river trip is!
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