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Meet the BOSU!

Meet the BOSU!

Hi everyone! Today I have a special someone(thing) to introduce to you! Get excited! Drumroll please…..

….meet the BOSU balance trainer!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I absolutely love the BOSU. It’s true. I LOVE it! It’s so great for not only me, but my clients.

BOSU (pronounced BO as in beau and Sue as in the female name) essentially stands for “both sides up” or “both sides utilized”. You can use the BOSU with the flat side down or even the dome side down. The dome portion of the BOSU is a half of a stability ball! The BOSU is all about balance training, enhancing flexibility, shaping your body and strengthening your mind. It is an excellent tool for strength, balance and cardio exercises. It’s pretty much awesome.

Today I want to introduce y’all to a full body BOSU workout so you can walk over to that strange device at your gym and use it with pride!

First things first, when you try the BOSU for the first time, introduce yourself. Get used to it. Understand the feel. I recommend placing the BOSU plastic (flat) side down and standing on top to understand the feel and how you’ll have to balance. Once you can stand with confidence, try a few squats on top. I promise that the more you use the BOSU, the better you’ll get at using it!


BOSU Squats (Start with flat side down and work up to having dome side down)
Squat to overhead press
Front raise w/leg lift
BOSU cross over push up
BOSU burpees
Reverse plank press up
BOSU tree hug
BOSU single leg hip bridge

Use the videos above to see how to perform each exercise! Give it a try and let me know what you think! The BOSU is so fun and a great new way to change up your workouts!

Have you ever tried the BOSU trainer before?
What’s your favorite BOSU exercise?

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