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May Days: Derby & Boating

May Days: Derby & Boating

You know what I love about May? It always seems to be a busy month that is full of fun and happiness. College students are wrapping up the semester, the grade school year is coming to a close, wedding season is in full effect and summer is right around the corner which means it’s pretty much here in south Texas. At least the warm, enjoyable days are here. I feel like I have plans every weekend! Oh wait because I do! Which is fantastic and all, but totally exhausting. I started this May pretty strong with a Kentucky Derby party and a boating trip to Lake Conroe!



I spent Saturday morning cleaning up the house while my wonderful hubby was out enjoying a golf tournament with his old coworkers. I was a cleaning, cooking and baking fool! It was a blast and I’m secretly glad I had the house to myself to get everything done!


I made a DELICIOUS baked brie, bow tie sugar cookies and fruit salad. JP grilled up some bacon wrapped, jalapeño & cream cheese stuffed dove breasts. And Ashley made a whole plethora of Derby inspired goodies! It’s safe to say that I ate too much.


On the plus side, Ashley and I won the horse race! We didn’t win anything but pride and ability to run it in everyone’s face, but that’s enough for me. I love winning. Which is good because all I do is win, win, win no matta what! This is the second out of 3 years that I picked the winning horse. I think that makes me kind of a big deal.


I’m so glad that everyone was able to come over on such short notice for a Derby themed Saturday fun day!

And you know I had to get a picture with this stud and our sweet Derby hats. Doesn’t he look adorable in a fedora? I’m digging’ it!


Sunday morning started out slow with coffee, breakfast, errands and chill time before meeting up with Corley and Kristin to head out to Lake Conroe for some sunshine on the pontoon!


We enjoyed some margaritas and wine spritzers, floated around the lake and the girls even got in! It felt amazing and was a cloudless day.


Post boating we were going to grill fajitas (for quatro de mayo of course), but fate had another plan for us. Unfortunately, Corley dropped his knife while filleting some fish he caught and stabbed it right into is leg. So instead of fajitas we called 9-1-1, caught an ambulance to the ER and watched poor Corley get some stitches. Not exactly what we had planned, but luckily Corley is okay! i’m glad we were able to be there for him. I mean, what are friends for? It made for a late and high energy Sunday evening that’s for sure.

All in all, it was a near perfect first weekend in May. I have so much more to come as well! Now I need to make sure I have some time and energy to share all of my fun with you before Tuesday evening!

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