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May Days: Fredericksburg Wine Weekend

May Days: Fredericksburg Wine Weekend

This weekend we amazing, exhausting and full of fun! This weekend we celebrated Chandra and her upcoming nuptials at her bachelorette party! We traveled from Houston to the quaint, little town of Fredericksburg for a weekend in Texas wine country!

We took off late Friday afternoon and pit stopped for dinner in Austin! Traffic was nuts but it’s nothing a little Mexican food can’t cure. We ended up getting to our adorable bed and breakfast around 10:45pm. Enough time to explore, unpack and unwind before bed.


Saturday morning Chandra, Melanie and I went out on a 40 minute run down Main Street. It was so cute and a great way to explore the town before the shops were even open.


By 10:30am we were all ready to go with mimosas in hand. We took a party bus all day wine tour! First stop was 4.0 Winery. The wine was delicious and they had tasty olive oil and balsamic vinegar to try. Several of us ended up purchasing the olive oil since it was so good!
Next stop…Rancho Pointe Vineyards! We even got to keep our wine glasses here! After stop number two, we headed back into town for a nice lunch. I’ll admit, it killed our buzz a little and we were starting to get sleepy on the drive back out to winery number 3!


Hye Meadow Winery was third on our tour. Here we were able to sit at a table outside where we were  served all of our tastings! There was also a live musician! We had a few chats with him, helped him come up with some new songs and I even ended up being his music stand. (We asked him to play Journey and he didn’t know the chords, so I was holding it up on his phone.) We spent a good amount of time there enjoying the scenery and pretty day!



Stop 4 was Pedernales which is actually one of the wineries I toured back in 2010 when I did a Fredericksburg wine tour! It was just as great as I remembered it! The view was beautiful, the wine was delicious and service was amazing. We even got our own personal tasting room! VIP service right there. This was a quick stop since we had spent so much time at our 3rd winery!


Our last and final stop was Fiesta Winery! Thsi was a good ending to our tour. It wasn’t as crowded as the last few and we had full attention from their staff. The wine was tasty and they had a lot of really sweet options. Great to try, but a full glass would be so sweet! I did end up buying a bottle of Tempernillo from there though! And again, we got to keep the glass…score!


After the 5th winery, it was time to head back to our B&B. Lingerie party shennanigans began with continued wine drinking. (Sorry, those pictures are for our eyes only!) Before we knew it, it was 9pm and we were walking to Main Street for some more fun!


This is the last decent picture of the night. Somehow, some way, we still managed to stay out until midnight despite starting our day drinking at 10:30am and a little drama towards the end. What’s a girls weekend with out a little drama right? We had a blast and danced around like absolute fools. I wish we had video, but it’s probably best for all of us that nothing was documented past 9pm!
We had a wonderful weekend with the most perfect weather. I hope that Chandra had as much fun for her bachelorette weekend as I did! Such a blast 🙂 Now let the wedding shenanigans begin! T minus 13 days!!!

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