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Cycle Workout Wednesday
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Cycle Workout Wednesday

Happy hump day lovelies! Everyone making it through the week? I would hope so…not making it through would be sad indeed. Well it’s a workout Wednesday and I have quite the treat for y’all!

First things first…last week’s workouts!!!

Wednesday: REST! It was much needed!
Thursday: 4 mile run (8:30 pace)
Friday: 45 min Cycle class
Saturday: 6 mile run (9:15 pace) We also walked a bunch at the Shell Houston Open!
Sunday: REST
Monday: 30 min Treadmill sprint workout
Tuesday: 45 min noon Cycle class plus 15 minute abs
45 min evening Cycle class
Wednesday: Cross Training class this am! Maybe more? We shall see 🙂

Cycle Classes

Now I’ve been teaching quite a few cycle classes lately. And by quite a few, I mean a ton. I thoughts I’d share a challenging 30 minute cycle workout, playlist included, that you can do on your own! A few things before I tell y’all the workout…
  • I use a perceived scale of exertion. This is how you determine how hard you’re working. 1-10, 1 being the easiest and 10 being your absolute max. Increase or decrease the resistance on your bike to match the effort level I give you.
  • You can do this workout on an actual spin bike or on one of the machine bikes. It’s made for a spin bike, but either will work!
  • Have a question or confused? E-mail me! I’d love to help you!

Here’s the playlist:

Uphill Cycle Workout (30min)

Bella Vita: Warm Up. Start from level 1(see perceived levels of exertion above) and work your way up to level 5 by the end of the song.
We Came to Smash: Increase to level 6. Sit/Stand/Sprint Dill.
20 seconds sit and pedal at an easy pace – 20 stand and increase your speed – 20 seconds sit and sprint as fast as you can!
Brokenhearted: Increase to level 7. Sit/Stand for various timed intervals. :15/:15 then :30/:30, :45/:45, 1:00/1:00
Get Lucky: Increase to level 7.5. Sprint drills! Rest/Sprint :30/:30
First two sprints do standing, second two sprints do seated!
Found Out About You: Standing climb! Start at level 7.5, after 60 seconds increase by 0.5 (resistance level). You’re last minute you should be at level 9! (It should be hard! You’re at 90% of your max!)
Titanium: Decrease to level 8. Time to push. Stay seated, at each chorus of the song push as fast as you can until the next verse starts. It’s like a sprint, but since your resistance is high, it will be challenging to go to fast.
Till the World Ends: Increase to level 8.5. Sit/Stand Climb. :30/:30 sit then stand. After each stand, increase your resistance by 0.5 until your last minute is at your absolute max! This is similar to your standing climb, but you’re alternating sitting vs. standing. You can see just how much harder it is to sit and push through those heavy resistances!
After this, cool down. Give yourself about 5 minutes or so on the bike at a low resistance. Bring yourheart rate  down, breath, towel off and drink lots of water! This should make you sweat!
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re confused. I tried to lay this out as simply as possible. I hope that at least some gives it a go! Let me know if you try it out.

Have you tried a spin/cycle class before?

If it’s something that you want to try out, give it a go! It’s an awesome cardio and lower body workout that will make you sweat. The best part is that it’s for all levels! You get to determine how hard you work!
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