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Zooma Texas End of Training Run Houston

Zooma Texas End of Training Run Houston

Hey y’all! Happy Friday…cue Friday dance! I’m pretty pumped that I don’t have many plans this weekend. It’s quite rare for me to “chill” for an entire weekend, so I’m fairly certain that I’ll manage to fill up our weekend hours with a lovely to do list 🙂

Of course, my Saturday morning will start the same as usual…a long run with my favorite running buds! It’s only 2 weeks until the Zooma Texas half marathon (which you can still register for! Use TXAMB1 for 10% off!). That means we’ll be tackling a solid 12 miles tomorrow before we take it down the following week for tapering! Speaking of next week, I’m going to be hosting a Zooma Texas end of training run at Memorial Park for anyone in Houston that wants to join in on the fun! I’m planning on doing 6 miles or two loops around Memorial, but you can join and just do one loop if you want! I’m going to have some Zooma goodies (bags, shirts, etc.) to give away, so come out and run. Here are the details:
What: Zooma Texas End of Training Run
Where: Memorial Park Running Loop. Meet at stretching area near tennis courts.
When: Saturday, April 5th at 8:00am
Why: Because we love to run!
Miles: Planning on 6 miles. Feel free to run more or less. The beauty of a loop course!
Pace: Your own! We’ll have our set meeting and finishing location. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone that runs your speed.
Who: Anyone! You don’t have to be signed up for Zooma Texas to come run with us! I’d love to tell you about the awesome race series and share some goodies with you.


So if you want to hang out with some fun people, meet new friends and potential new running buddies, get free stuff and tackle your weekend run all at once, come join us! Zooma Texas is sponsoring this group run for me as I am an ambassador for this year’s race. I’m a big fan and huge supporter of this women’s race series. I even went up to Cape Cod last September to run their race!


And did I mention I PR’ed? Oh yeah! Check out that fancy PR medal
Now come out and join me next Saturday at Memorial Park! If you want to come or have any questions, shoot me an e-mail at I’d love to see some new faces!
Have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend! (See what I did there? Alliteration…bam!)
Have you ever joined a group run before?
Do you prefer running solo or with others?

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