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Keith Urban and the reverse mullet.

Keith Urban and the reverse mullet.

4:00am came quickly this morning. Monday also came quickly after this weekend. A wonderful weekend it was indeed. A busy weekend. Which explains why 4:00am was just not my favorite time of today.

One of my oldest friends…old as in I’ve known her since 4th grade not old as in she’s old. She’s not old…anyway back on track. Kristin came into town on Friday just in time for us to get ready for a fun filled evening. It started with drinks and pizza at Russo’s, which is currently JP and my favorite pizza place around us. Then we were off to Reliant for the Houston Rodeo! I can’t even tell you how much I love the rodeo. I’ve been every year since we moved to Houston except for 2011 when I was up in Pittsburgh. That’s about 15 years worth of rodeoing and most years I’m there more than once! Friday we went to see Keith Urban! We made sure to get there early so we could do a little shopping for Kristin’s horse Slider before watching the actual rodeo. We caught a good amount of the rodeo: bull riding, barrel races, calf scramble, mutton busting, and a few others before Keith Urban came on! Keith had a great performance, but a few too many guitar solos. Maybe not too many guitar solos, but a few of them were too long for my taste. I will say that my favorite part of his performance was Kiss a Girl where he interacted with the crowd and then kissed a little 2-3 year old girl on the check. So precious!
P.S. I don’t watch American Idol so I hadn’t been up to date on Keith’s hair style, but what is with his reverse mullet? It’s like business in the back and party in the front! I mean, he has bangs. I think he likes them for swinging his head around in guitar solos. Who knows, I know some people like the style, but it’s far from my fave. In fact it makes me giggle! I can’t stop thinking about it…hence the post title. Lucky for him he’s incredibly attractive even with the reverse mullet.
Saturday we “slept in” until 8:00am. I mean that’s sleeping in for me especially after going to bed the night before at midnight! We started off the day with Top Golf! I love Top Golf. It’s a driving range with a bar and awesome targets so that even if you don’t like golf you can have fun. You really don’t even need to know how to swing a club! We played for two hours and had a few mimosas before brunch at Cyclone Anayas.


Once we made it home, we decided to rest for a bit before heading to my parents for dinner. Kristin hadn’t seen Frozen and I’m obsessed with the movie, so it was the perfect chill out movie. I was so exhausted that I was in and out of sleep for most of it. Oooops…my body really needed it though! Then it was time to head to Sugar Land to see my family…really so my family could see Kristin. They love her like a daughter 🙂 The dogs were excited to run around in the rain and hang out with their grandpa. He’s the dog whisperer as you can see below!


Sunday I was up bright and early for my weekly long run date with Chandra. I must say there is nothing better than having a best friend that you can run with. Not only are we similar paces (Chandra is a wee bit quicker than me), but we both enjoy getting a long run in every week. It’s more fun with a friend than by yourself. I always run longer or harder when I’m with her!
Then I was headed back home for a big cup of coffee and breakfast with JP and Kristin before Kristin had to get on the road back to Dallas. Luckily, I get to see her again this Friday! So saying goodbye wasn’t so bad at all. The rest of our Sunday was spent cleaning, watching tv, playing with the pups and reading. Perfect relaxing end to a fun filled weekend!

Do you like your weekends to be jam packed or laid back?

Have you ever been to a rodeo? If so, where?

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