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My Dixie Doodle

My Dixie Doodle

Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas! It’s safe to say that I was very spoiled this year. Not only with gifts, but with love and family time. It wonderful how much more our time together means these days and Christmastime is the best time to share with family 🙂

Unfortunately, despite all of happiness and cheer, my family had to deal with the loss of a much loved family member…our 12 year old golden retriever, Dixie. She was such an important member of the Timmer family and my heart hurts so bad now that she is gone. Luckily, we were able to have her on Christmas which will forever make this one so much more special.

Yesterday, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and my parents knew what they had to do. I’m just glad that she is not suffering and I know she’s eating all the treats in Doggie Heaven and looking down on us now.


She was the sweetest dog in the whole world.
Her favorite things to do were:
Riding in the car
Following my dad everywhere he went
Being in the same room as the rest of the family
Making people pet her


She was so smart and knew just how to get her way, how to open and close the door and how to keep cool in the nasty Houston heat!


While Maggie and Moose often got on her nerves and she would put them in their place when they were being bad, I know how much she loved when they came over. I like to think they helped keep her youthful a little longer. She would run and play until they bothered her…then the scolding would begin. She had to be an old, crotchety lady sometimes 🙂
Most importantly, this year’s Christmas card will be so special because we captured a great shot of all the Timmer kids 🙂 Despite the sadness in my heart, this picture will forever make me smile.
The Timmers lost one of their best friends this week 🙁
We love you and miss you Dixie Doodle.

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