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A little bit quirky.
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A little bit quirky.

We all have quirks. It’s the truth. We all have those little oddities that make us who we are. Sometimes I don’t even realize what I’m doing is weird until someone points it out or I really notice it. Here are some of the quirks I came up with…along with Charlotte and JP’s two cents of course!

  • I MUST double knot my tennis shoes. I can’t walk or function if they are only single knotted. It freaks me out. I blame cheerleading for this one. I was terrified that my shoes would come untied while tumbling so double knots it was.
  • I count my steps. I do it subconsciously and will find myself thinking something while hearing 21-22-23-24-etc. in the back of my head. I’m cool like that.
  • I prefer cake over frosting. Yeah I’m one of those people that wipes most of the frosting off of wedding cake and cupcakes. Crave Cupcakes has the perfect cake to frosting ratio. Obsessed.
  • I hate odd numbers. I will set my alarm for 6:44am instead of 6:45. I feel like my even numbered years are better than my odd ones. So being 25 in 2013 wasn’t the best. I have a good feeling about being 26 in 2014. I mean I started 26 off with the best birthday ever so it’s gotta be good.
  • I prefer reading over watching t.v. I don’t watch many t.v. shows. In fact, the shows I watch are usually a light and fluffy show that I can multitask during. I like to clean, blog, read, etc. while catching up on my DVR. Aka I have the attention span of a chicken nugget.
  • I’m obsessed with time. In many ways. Being late makes me nauseous.
  • I drink with my pinky out. I mean I’m fancy all, but really I do it because touching my pinky to a cup feels weird. My parents have pictures of me holding my bottle with my pinky out.
  • I despise scary movies. Won’t watch them. Don’t want to think about them. I can’t even stand the previews. For some reason though, I’m obsessed with Ravenswood on abc Family. It’s super creepy and yet I can’t take my eyes off it. Char is the same way!

So I’m sure those are just a few that I can think of for me 🙂 I’m sure my family and friends can come up with a bunch more considering I’m not always the most normal person in the world.

Maggie and Moose both have one similar quirk…they don’t sleep like normal dogs, they sleep on their backs, often with arms and paws in the air. I think Moose picked this up from Maggie.



Love my quirky little weirdos…guess that’s why I picked them!

What are your odd quirks?

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