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Oh Mickey you’re so fine…

…you’re so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey, hey, hey Mickey!

I’ve got a little Flashback Friday for y’all! While playing on my parent’s computer Monday morning, I found a few gems. I mean these pictures are totally legit. Let’s take a blast to the past and see why I was destine to be a cheerleader. I mean, let’s be honest, I have cheerleader written all over me!


Circa 1993/4 – I mean just check out that pose!
1998 – Believe it or not, I’m in 6th grade here. I look like such a little babe!
1999 – 7th grade cheer pics for Victory Vipers Junior Elite!


2002 – JV Cheer for Austin High School {We couldn’t try out for cheer as freshmen and sophomores could only be on JV!}


Circa 2003 – Either my sophomore or my junior year with high school cheer {we were a competitive team!} Emily did Vipers for a year! Yup, that’s my baby sister! We look much more alike now.
2003 – Junior year cheer pics!
2005 – Senior UCA Nationals at Disney World! Because 4 Amy’s is better than 1 🙂
2005 – Senior year cheer pics! This one may be one of my favorite pictures of me from high school. Sadly, I look exactly the same except with shorter hair now!
2007 – Sophomore year of college United Cheer Nationals. Yes, Texas A&M has a competitive cheerleading squad!

After the picture above, I “retired” from cheer. I continued tumbling…I can still do a back handspring and a roundoff back tuck! I just switched for doing to teaching! I taught preschool and beginner gymnastics at a local gym through the rest of college. I also drove an old school bus to preschools and taught them on the bus! Seriously though…I’m not kidding. I wish I could find my picture proof!

I’m pretty sure a little bit of cheerleader still lives within me. Okay, more than a little. Maybe I’ll help coach again one day…maybe 🙂

Have you ever been a cheerleader?
What sports did you love growing up?

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