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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thursday mornings are so busy for me! It starts bright and early with my alarm screaming in my ear at 4:30am and I’m up at the gym until 9-9:30. Getting in a half a days work before 10am is pretty awesome, but it means that I need to get better at pre-planning some of these little posts of mine! Today I’m keeping it simple and linking up with Crystal and Jenna for Thankful Thursday!

I’m thankful for…

my clients! They remind me why I switched careers and why I love to do what I do. Helping people reach their goals is incredibly rewarding. It’s even better when they continuously tell you that they wouldn’t be where they were without me! I’ve only been doing this for a month y’all! They truly make me feel amazing about the decision I made!

my puppies! Their excitement when I walk in the door after even just an hour or two makes me feel so loved. Their sweet faces make it hard to be mad even if they’re jumping on me like crazies. See below.


my health. I have had a rough few years dealing with my stomach and trying to figure out what’s wrong. Things are starting to be better on a daily basis and I am so happy! I’m also thankful that I don’t have to deal with more severe chronic diseases. Realizing what others go through make my issues seem much smaller. I’m able to do so much from taking long walks with the pups, distance running and teaching multiple group exercise classes in one day {yes, I have 3 today!}. If it weren’t for my health, I would be as active and doing all the things I love.

a warm cup of coffee (with pumpkin spice creamer) on cool fall mornings! On a lighter note, I love my morning coffee. I only have one cup each day and I soak it all up! With cool fall mornings finally starting to peek into Houston, I love it even more. Now if only the morning temps would stick around all day! Oh and loving coffee also causes me to love coffee mugs! Meet my new owl friend 🙂


blogging. Blogging has opened so many doors in my life. Even more so recently! I was able to meet Neely, Amber and Jodi all within the past few months. I have had so many campaign opportunities through #Fitfluential with amazing companies like Under Armour, Designer Whey, Puma and so many more. I know I’ve said it before, but the blogging community is great. As I’ve grown as a person, my blog has grown with me: from a lifestyle blogger working in Corporate America to a health/fitness/lifestyle blogger working in health and fitness! It’s amazing and the support I’ve had is even greater. That being said, I’m so thankful for…

YOU, my readers! Thanks for constantly coming back and supporting this little hobby of mine!

Last but oh so far from least important, I am thankful for my husband. So cheesy and I so don’t care 🙂 He is my rock and support and I can’t believe that as of today, we have been officially married for 3 1/2 years! Life just feels right with him in it. Though we may fight and I may be incredibly difficult to deal with, I wouldn’t be the woman I am without him right by my side. (End cheese fest.)


Hope y’all have a fabulous Thursday y’all! Happy Friday Eve 🙂

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