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Oh hey lovelies! I’m reaching out to y’all a little late today because, well, I’ve been a bit busy this morning. You see, I woke up bright and early at 6:00am, got a little studying done, trained my 7:30am clients and then took off for the testing center. That’s right, I finally took my NASM CPT exam this morning and I PASSED!!! Whew, talk about relief 🙂 Here’s some proof, you know, in case you didn’t believe me or something…


Now ignore that ridiculous photo and examine the lovely words inside the pink bubble. It’s like opening college acceptance letters. If it starts with “Congratulations!”, then you’re in the clear!

Do y’all know what this means? Not only am I actually certified to be a personal trainer, but I don’t have to study in all of my free time anymore! I can get things done, like cleaning, running errands and most importantly shopping 🙂

Since I’m full of good news today, I’ll just continue.

  • Yesterday, I signed on my first client which means I get a bonus!
  • I’m taking over 2 female clients from my former trainer as he is leaving the gym. They work out together twice a week and will be up for renewal in October and have already said they want to resign with me! More bonus!
  • Another female trainer at the gym was recently accepted in to fire fighter’s school and told me she has at least 3 clients she wants to pass on to me. She chose me! Seriously it feels so good.
All the studying paid off. I wish I hadn’t been so stressed or fearful about it, but that is long gone now! I’m officially a personal trainer and things are looking great!
Come back tomorrow for an awesome workout that ended up looking something like this for me yesterday!
Happy, happy Tuesday y’all!

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