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A Moment to Relive

A Moment to Relive

Going back to College Station for football in the fall often brings back so many memories…the good and the bad. I takes me back to a time that was simpler than now, but seemed more complicated than ever. I sometimes even get butterflies when I think back to a certain time or place. Remembering the late night AIM sessions I had with JP before we were officially a couple. Going to the Tap with Nikki on a Wednesday or Thursday. Tailgating with Ol’ Ags. Date parties. MSC LEAD. Teaching preschool gymnastics. Getting engaged to the man of my dreams. Graduating from the Dwight Look College of Engineering. Moving back to Houston. So much nostalgia lives in that place. I left a part of me there and it is also home. Today’s Blogtember post is:

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.
There are a lot of memories I would love to relive. So many of them took place in College Station, but it may come as no surprise that the memory I would most love to relive took place in a church in Sugar Land, TX.
I want to relive the moment my daddy walked me down the aisle with the biggest smile on his face and gave me away to my prince charming.

I want to relive our special moment in the church after we lit the unity candle. It was almost like no one else was there but just the two of us.


I want to relive the moment when Father Drew told JP that he may kiss his bride.


One of my most favorite pictures ever.

I want to relive our first dance. Though it felt like the longest song in the world, it was perfect being in the middle of the dance floor with no one but my husband.

I want to relive the party that went down with all of our friends and family who showered us with so much love. We are incredibly blessed to have this many people support our marriage.


So pretty much, I want to relive my most perfect day ever. At least I have some fabulous pictures to remember it by 🙂

What memory would you want to relive?
Was it a big event or maybe just something small that means so much to you?


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