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The Game of the Century of the Week

The Game of the Century of the Week

Happy Monday my loves! I’ve already started laundry, gone to the gym, ran 3 miles, did upper body, played with my puppies and now I’m blogging. Nothing quite like leaping back into the work week full speed ahead! Let’s slow down and rewind for a moment now shall we?

This weekend was awesome. Obviously, once again my weekend was spent in College Station. Yes we have 4 home games in a row, then 3 weeks off {2 away and bye week} then another 4 home games. That’s a lot of weekends in College Station and I am not complaining. This weekend was different than the rest. This was the big game.  The game of the century of the week as ESPN would call it 🙂

In honor of the big game, the hubs and I had a 3 day weekend.
It all started Friday…

It’s training season, so of course I had to run. I started the day at 4:45am running 12 miles followed by helping my girlfriend Ashley move! Luckily we had JP to help us with the heavy stuff 🙂 Then we were off to College Station. Nothing too exciting happened Friday since we had to gear up for Saturday and quite frankly I was exhausted.


Wow. Just wow. We started tailgating at 8:00am for our 2:30pm game and it was awesome. We really did it right for this tailgate. Everyone chipped in and we had tons of delicious food and drinks! The game was awesome too. We may have lost {49-42 Alabama} but scoring the most points ever on Nick Saban was pretty awesome. The Aggies held their own despite all the nay sayers and it turned out to be an awesome game!!!


one. Sunrise over downtown Friday morning at the end of my run!
two. Compression sleeves for my achey legs on the way to CStat.
three. The best little travel companions 🙂
four. My best girls!
five. All the ladies except Meghan! She wasn’t there yet!
six. Boys
seven. Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band
eight. My hot date. Lots of TDs meant lots of kisses!
nine. Pedis on a Sunday.


It was a slow motion kind of day. We were wiped from being in the sun, standing on our feet, yelling at the top of our lungs and day drinking on Saturday. We had brunch at the Gouglers and then the girls went to get pedicures. Hello relaxing! The rest of the day was spent watching football, driving back to Houston and reading on my Kindle. I rarely have a full rest day, so this was an excellent treat. My body is thanking me 🙂

Did your weekend involve any football?
Who were you rooting for Texas A&M or Alabama…or did you not even care? {No judging, like I said on Friday, I love a good rivalry!}

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