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A Little R&R

A Little R&R

Y’all…I needed an escape. Well, I guess need an escape since my escape isn’t quite over. My stress levels have still been through the rood despite leaving my work and I’ve been very busy. I needed a break. A getaway. And I got it. 3 days in Sugar Land at my parents house. No housework. No cooking. Less worrying. More time to enjoy myself.

I needed…

  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Running & Roads
  • Reading & Riding

Just a little R&R…

Rest and Relaxation is obvious. I needed to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. To me, relaxing is wasting time. I’m a busy body and constantly need to be go, go, going. Kind of like the Road Runner from the Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

Whenever I start to think about having a rest day, I’m all like…


But honestly, I need to make time fo dat. I need to take time to smell the roses and enjoy each day. I need to find some time to do nothing. There’s nothing wrong with that. Something I really need to remember.

Running and Roads were obviously necessary because my me time revolves around running. That is how I destress and have awesome conversations with myself. {And come up with great blog post ideas I might add!} My main problem is that lately I’ve felt like running is a chore. I have to go on my long run. I have to go this far. I have to go at this pace. Sometimes I forget about why I chose to run. Because I am a runner and it makes me happy. So during my R&R week, I’m running without a Garmin or an exact distance/route in mind. I’m running at a pace that feels good for my body without over doing it. You know what happened? I ran 4.8 miles in 40 minutes yesterday. That’s an 8:20 pace which is actually quicker than usual. I felt good and I wasn’t pressuring myself. I found the superstar runner inside of me and she dominated. Without trying too hard I might add.


Reading and Riding and I’m not talking about bike riding. Reading in many ways: for my test and for fun. I’ve been able to sit outside either by the pool or listening to the rain come down. Very different environments, but both much better than my living room couch. I’ve caught up on a few more chapters in my PT text book and I’ve nearly plowed through a new book on my Kindle, Gone in case you’re wondering since I just finished the Maze Runner trilogy! Riding I mean in a different way. I’m trying to “ride” the wave, just go along with the flow. I’m an uptight, type A personality who likes to have control over too much. I’m trying to find a way to just go along for the ride, take what comes to me and not freak out over the little things. I’m far from reaching that point, but baby steps are key. I’m taking one day at a time and focusing on breathing ride now because it’s cleansing and good for the soul.


My view these days

So today, I’m going to sip my coffee a little slower, lay in the sun a little longer, soak up as much family time as possible and get my hair cut. I’ll probably throw some studying in there as well 🙂 Not to shabby.

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