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Mania Weekend Shenanigans

Mania Weekend Shenanigans

Ummm…wow. I don’t even know how to begin to cover everything that I’ve done in the past four days. I had what we’ll call an “extended weekend.” Even though I don’t really have a full time job right now, I still have weekends because weekends mean less studying and I’m not following trainers at the gym. So that being said, I still consider weekends way better than weekdays 🙂

My weekend started on Thursday afternoon when Charlotte and I hopped in the Great White {my Mazda} and headed north towards Dallas. We pit stopped in Waxahachie for a few hours to visit with Kristin’s family before dragging Kristin along with us up to the Fairmont in Dallas! Luckily we were able to relax some Thursday night, so we totally watched Spice World all snuggled in our king size bed 🙂 Jealous? From there, the weekend was a whirlwind.

Friday started bright and early. Once I got all registered, I found some of my lovely ladies that I taught with at A&M. Lauren, Katie and I chatted it up until it was time to get started. Here’s what my Friday looked like.

7:30-9:00am ~ Barsculpt
10:00-11:30am ~ Schwinn Cycling: Music to the Max
11:45-1:15pm ~ Tabata Bootcamp
1:15-2:15pm ~ Lunch
2:15-3:45pm ~ Flirty Girl Teaser
4:00-5:30pm ~ Step & the City

We ended the day with Mexican food and more movies and snuggles in our huge bed 🙂


one. Bucee’s pitstop in Madisonville. Duh
two. Dallas sun set from our room
three. Spice World and snuggles
four. Let the Mania begin!
five. Bathroom selfie at 6:00am with my favorite new water bottle
six. Step & the City with Deborah Puskarich
seven. Ready for day 2. One of the first in the room for HIIT the Step. I’m a nerd. #frontrow
eight. Chi-lates with Lawrence Biscontini
nine. Group Ex lecture with Leslie Bender in the best letter room. G!

Saturday was an even earlier morning and a longer day! It went a little something like this!

7:00-8:30am ~ HIIT the Step
8:45-10:15am ~ Keynote lecture with Lawrence Biscontini
11:00-12:30pm ~ Schwinn Cycling: Leath ’em Breathless
12:45-2:15pm ~ Chi-lates
2:15-3:15pm ~ Lunch
3:15-4:45pm ~ Applied Functional Science for Group Exercise
5:00-6:30pm ~ Steel Pilates

We wrapped up Saturday with a group dinner at the Iron Cactus. We met up with all of the past and present Texas A&M instructors! It was so amazing to see DeAun who pretty much taught me everything I know about step 🙂 Plus she’s one of the main reasons I decided to start teaching group exercise. She is such an amazing program director and inspiration. I totally had a blogger fail though because I didn’t take a SINGLE picture!

left top: me, Amber, Neely!
left bottom. I had to have a picture with my Kristin!
right top. New CDs for step and Pilates
right middle. Cinnamon raisin french toast at Bread Winners
right bottom. Little Moose the snuggle bug

Sunday was a little less intense. I opted to only go to my first two sessions since I was exhausted.
7:00-8:30am ~ Bodyweight Burn
8:45-10:15am ~ Dynamax HIIT Med Ball Wheel Workout

Then we went to brunch at Bread Winners and I FINALLY got to meet Neely and Amber! Seriously, I have been blog friends with these ladies for about 2 years! They’re even sweeter in person and if y’all aren’t following their blogs {but you probably are because they’re awesome} then go do it now! There is nothing better than finally getting to have that personal interaction with women you feel like you’ve gotten to know so well over the years!  Now I just want to get back up to Dallas so I can spend more time with those two!

After brunch, Charlotte and I headed back to Houston just in time for dinner, our family league Fantasy Football draft and the VMAs. #IwantmoreNSYNC

Now I’m pretty pooped and a little behind schedule. My goals for the next few days are to study, relax and destress. Wish me luck 🙂 I can’t wait to share with y’all some of the information I absorbed this weekend. I need to get it all out of my brain and on paper now!

Happy Monday lovelies!

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