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Maggie and Moose

Maggie and Moose

Yup, I’m blogging about my dogs today. Why? Becuase I love them and they are currently my “office mates.” You know how you walk around the office and talk to people when you don’t feel like working? {I can’t be the only one that does did that!} Well, now I have these two to talk to and walk around the block with. They’re pretty fantastic. And absolutely adorable. When they’re not fighting.



Maggie’s eyes crack me up in this pic

Y’all may remember that we officially introduced Moose to everyone just a few weeks ago. I haven’t talked about him too much since then, so here’s an update on my precious babies. Moose is doing just fantastic and has completely made himself at home. He loves his mommy, daddy and sister and gives LOTS of kisses and snuggles.


He has tons of energy to keep up with his big sister, but is also the best cuddle buddy. He’s definitely calmer than Maggie, but that’s not too hard!

Moose loves…

  • Stealing toys from his sister
  • Eating. He scarfs down his food. He also eats poop. Don’t worry, we’re working on fixing that one.
  • Napping in sister’s bed
  • Jumping up and following Mom every time I move.
  • Doing everything sister does
When we officially adopted him! There was a car in the lot with a Moose license plate. FATE!


These pups are just two peas in a pod. They absolutely love each other and I couldn’t be happier!


They love their Daddy! 
Now don’t think I forgot about my oldest baby! She’s still Mommy’s little girl 🙂 In case you haven’t been here that long, we got Maggie in January 2011 right after we moved to Pittsburgh! {Introducing her was my 3rd blog post ever!}
Maggie loves…
  • Lots of walks
  • Running like a crazy pup at her grandparents {both sets!}
  • Bossing her little brother around
  • Following her little brother around
  • Sleeping in the same room as brother
  • Snuggling with her momma

These two little crazy pups definitely keep life interesting and I’m always on my toes. Pretty much, life would be boring without them!


And there you have yes another blog post about my pups. No shame here. Who doesn’t like looking at pictures of puppies anyway?

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