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30 Days of Commitment Challenge: June

30 Days of Commitment Challenge: June

Why hello my lovelies! Guess what?! Today I am hopefully soaking up some rays and spending quality time with the hubs on our day at sea!!! Cross your fingers that the sun is out so I can work on my tan 🙂


In case you forgot where I am 🙂

So here we are on the first day of June and don’t think that just because I’m on vacation I’m not keeping up with my Commitment Challenges!


I am actually switching up June and July because my Gluten-Free Norwegian Charlotte will actually be here in July! It’ll be easier for me to stick to it that way!

Recap of May:

My Goals:

  • Practice yoga every day for a minimum of 15 minutes {preferably more!}
  • I bought an unlimited month of yoga at Happy Belly Studios from Groupon! It’s so close to my house! Let me know if anyone wants to join.
  • Goal is to go to the studio a minimum of twice a week but I would rather go 3+. It all depends on my schedule. May is a busy month!
  • Utilize Yoga Download’s free classes. I’ll be sure to share the one’s I like throughout the month.

How I Did:

  • 90%: There were a few days I did not get my practice in for one reason or another…
  • 100%: I used my pass and found some great classes! I plan on purchasing 5 or 10 classes that don’t expire when I get back from vacation so I can continue my practice!
  • 75%: I went twice a week except for the last week!
  • 100%: LOVE I posted some of my favorite classes here!


I give myself an A for May! The main goal was to step out of my yoga comfort zone, try new poses and increase my overall flexibility. Stretching is so important for runners and I hadn’t been doing it as much lately. Now I’m back at it and can’t wait to continue!

Here’s how I plan to be successful in June:

  • Try a different workout each day! It doesn’t have to be the whole workout, but part of it to spice things up a bit!
  • Utilize the workouts posted on Pinterest and on blogs I love!
  • Create and share a new workout each week.
  • Get a gym membership {so I can workout inside} to beat the heat and utilize different equipment for all my workouts. This won’t happen until at least the 2nd week of June though!

So here’s to June!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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