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Weekend Shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, Monday! So here’s the deal, I’m excited that today is Monday. In fact, I said to the hubs yesterday that I wasn’t bummed the weekend was almost over! {GASP!} Crazy talk, I know. But seriously, not upset about being at work right now at all. I even came in early. What you ask? Oh ya know, because it’s my last Monday at work until June 10th. No big deal 🙂 The more days I go to work this week, the closer I get to my fantastic Gougler Super Vacation!

I still had a fantastic weekend and saw tons of my favorite people!!!

Friday I was lame. All I did was run errands, hang out with Miss Maggie, read and watch my DVR. I was going to go out, but my tummy told me that wasn’t going to happen. That’s okay, I was able to rest for Saturday!

Saturday was full of day drinking to celebrate JPizzle’s birthday! I have a ton of pictures on my camera, but of course I was too lazy didn’t think about putting them on my computer before today.

Sunday was errand running/shopping day! After a lazy morning, we hit up super awesome places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, IKEA and Target mostly for stuff for our trip! I got a cute new dress, bathing suit top and suitcase! JP got a new bathing suit and bright pink dry fit polo!

Pretty much it was just an awesome weekend in Houston which is kind of a big deal since I’ve been out of town the past several weekends!

1. Cute outfit and coffee to celebrate Friday!
2. 5.5 mile run to start of Saturday. It was crazy humid out. I think I sweat out 5 lbs of water.
3. Little Miss basking in the sun as usual
4. My handsome man with a creepy stash. What the bday boy wants the bday boy gets 🙂
5. Emily – Alison – Ashley – me at Little Woodrow’s! How you like Em’s stash? ha
6. Alison & Ashley…we had too much fun with all of those!
7. Leah – Mel – Amy – Min at Christian’s Tailgate!
8. My new outdoor furniture! I spent an hour out there reading before JP finally got up Sunday morning!
9. Buffalo chicken baked potato for dinner. Hello yum!

How did y’all spend the weekend?
Any summer vacation plans coming up?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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