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Fab Fit Five

Fab Fit Five

It’s Friday!!! Yippie! Something about Friday morning always gets me going. I don’t even mind going to work on Fridays just because I know what’s ahead {and I know that I probably won’t stay until 5pm!}

1. The shoe switch.
You may or may not {probably not because it’s really not that important} remember last month when I got some new running shoes! Obviously I was super pumped because I decided to go with a new brand since my Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s had moved up to the 16’s and I wasn’t sure just how I felt about them. Unfortunately, the Saucony’s didn’t work out for me. My knee started hurting and my doctor mentioned that it could have been the shoe switch. I went back to my old 15’s and the pain subsided. Tried the Saucony’s again and OUCH! So I went back to Luke’s Locker about 40 days after buying the Saucony’s {I probably ran in them about 7-8 times} and they accepted them without blinking an eye and got me fitted for a new pair. Is that not awesome? So huge shout out to Luke’s Locker for being awesome! I love that store and always spend too much money there. On Wednesday, I earned money! I ended up going with the Mizuno’s and they were about $16.00 cheaper. #winning

And now I’m in love with my new Mizuno’s and my sister and I are shoe twins!

2. Arm Workout!
I was very relaxed yesterday {a rarity} and didn’t feel like a super intense work out. So I did 20 minutes of yoga {still going strong on my May Challenge!} followed by an arm work out! I tend to neglect my arms sometimes so a good All Arms workout was in store!

Give it a go and let me know what you think! I used 8 lb dumbbells and by the end of the 3rd round my biceps felt like they were going to pop 🙂 I’m not too sore today so I’ll probably do it again on Saturday!

3. May Yoga Challenge – Faves
At the beginning of the month I started taking classes at Happy Belly Studios in Houston on Montrose Blvd. Let me tell you something…I love it! My favorite class so far is Stephanie’s 5:00pm on Monday, but Christina says that I need to try out Yemike’s 6:00pm on Wednesday class so that’s the goal for next week!

I also signed up for They have a ton of free 20-25 minute classes as well as longer classes that have various costs. Here are some of my favorite free classes!

Qi Yoga for Runners (Adv. Beginner)
Qi Detox Flow (Intermediate)
Yoga for Athletes (Intermediate)
Qi Yoga 3 (Adv. Intermediate)
Detox Yoga 2 (Adv. Intermediate)

I usually do these in the morning before work or after a run. There all on the low-mid intensity level as first thing in the morning I like my yoga more calming to start my day off right. I’m looking to try some of the ‘Bring A Towel’ intensity this weekend/next week!

4. Tabata – Kick up the intensity
I need to get my butt in gear and do some Tabata work! I talked about Tabata training with a partner back in February. I haven’t done one in a while, so this week I’m committed to 2 Tabata workouts!

5. Don’t forget to join in the What’s Beautiful campaign
I’m being sponsored by Under Armor through FitFluential to participate! Create your profile and follow me! Set goals, complete challenges and win prizes! You know you want to join in on the fun!

Anyways, it’s Friday and I’m ready for the “freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun!” Can anyone name that song. It’s still one of my fave rap/R&B songs because I’m cool like that.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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