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10 things my daughter has learned from me…

10 things my daughter has learned from me…

Let’s start this out with saying that in fact, my daughter is a 4 legged furry creature that makes a barking sound when holding a conversation. No she may not be a human, but she’s my furbaby, and my little girl. Plus when I’m talking to her, I refer to the hubs as Daddy which is just the cutest thing ever.


1. How to walk like a Princess. Girlfriend knows how to strut like the best of us. She knows where she wants to go, how fast she wants to go and how to get her way. What can I say, she learned from the best!


Hurry up Mom!

2. How to squeeze into the smallest spot on the couch and assume everyone on the couch wants to snuggle with you.


Left: Clearly JP and Emily wanted me to snuggle with them that evening!
Right: Okay she didn’t squeeze in here, but she certainly did jump right on JP’s gut. I feel like it’s the same thing.

3. How to shed. A lot. Okay she gets this from both of our parents. Let’s just say that we JP sweeps A LOT.

4. How to look at the hubs with “those eyes” in order to get whatever she wants.


I think it’s a combo of the eyes and ears 🙂

5. How to annoy the crap out of JP. We’re just experts. We know where his buttons are and we enjoy pushing them 🙂


6. How to notice that everyone is tired so clearly she needs to be as awake as can be at that given point in time. {Let’s just say, I’ve never been good at naps. Maggie is good at naps, but usually not when others want to take them}

7. How to love sports! She loves all sports especially baseball since she gets invited to those games. She also likes watching sports on t.v. and runs around like a crazy girl when her team scores!


8. How to work it out. We’re both pretty fit. Maggie enjoys hitting the weights occasionally, but for the most part she’s a runner like her momma. She doesn’t really do long distances. She’s more of a sprinter and prefers running in circles. While my favorite place to run in on the trail, her’s is definitely in Grandma & Grandpa’s {both set of grandparents that is} backyard.

9. How to strike a pose for the camera. {Okay, we all know that I am FAR from a fashion blogger, but every now and then I pretend that I’m all fancy like that. Maggie does too.}


10. How to love. I means she’s pretty much the best and loves unconditionally. And my friends is why dogs are man’s best friend.


Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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