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My Life Story & A Workout!
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My Life Story & A Workout!

So yesterday I saw several bloggers post for the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I’m always up for a challenge 🙂 Now I probably won’t blog every day but I’ll stick to my Monday through Friday and chime in every once in a while with the specific topic! Today I’m going to wrap together Days 1 & 2 into a post!

Day 1: The Story of my life in 250 words or less

Baby Amy – 3 months old Christmas 1987 – Yes, I was born with that much hair. And yes, my hair is naturally blond now.

I was born on September 28, 1987 on an army base in Ft. Stewart, GA to Jim & Donna Timmer. I traveled around a bit as a young child before we “settled” in Centerville, VA when I was two. There I began to develop my love for gymnastics and dance, and my sister Emily and brother Ben were born.

In 1996, we moved to Plano, TX where we lived for only a year and a half. Just before the move to Houston, my youngest brother Matt was born! In Houston, I came in the middle of 5th grade as a tiny girl with glasses. I was bullied quite a bit which made the transition tough for me. In middle school, I started cheerleading and while still a bit awkward, I began to blossom. I continued to do competitive and school cheer through high school where I was also active in theater and broadcast journalism.

I attended Texas A&M University where I met the love of my life JP! In December 2009, I graduated and was married in April 2010. We moved to Pittsburgh, PA where we adopted our pup Maggie and back to Houston in just a year! I have a B.S. in Industrial Distribution and work in corporate America as a Sales Operations Associate. My love and passion is for fitness and hope to one day be a certified personal trainer. I also love to run and completed my first marathon this past January with plans to run it again in 2014!


250 Words exactly…BAM!

Day 2: Educate us on something you’re good at.

Well I’m not exactly sure what I’m good enough at to tell y’all about. I mean, I’m good at tailgating, lounging on the couch asking my husband to do things for me, pretending I’m a Disney Princess, going on vacation, running and I guess fitness.

Okay well go with the fitness bit because I think I have something I can share with y’all! I have a love and passion for fitness. I love coming up with new ways to sneak in a workout with my busy schedule. Here’s a quick workout that’s sure to make you sweat that I came up with this Tuesday!


Don’t know what some of these are?
Take a look at this post or
OR just ask me 🙂

After each set, I did 100 jumping jacks to add in some cardio and raise my heart rate. With the added jack and going through the entire workout twice {hence the repeat} I finished in roughly 30 minutes. If you only have a few, just go through it once!

The key to a well rounded workout is to include these 3 elements:

  • Aerobic fitness {Cardio}
  • Strength training
  • Core
The workout above includes all of these!
  • Aerobic fitness {Cardio} – Jumping jacks, burpees & frong jumps
  • Strength training – majority of the exercises
  • Core – Push ups and keeping your core engaged during each movement
If you do a workout that focuses more on your lower body one day, be sure to rest your lower body the following day and chose more upper body exercises! {Vice Versa} Trust me, there is science behind this 🙂 This is usually called a Split Workout since you are splitting your workout into two days and focusing on different muscle groups. This allows your muscles time to recover. If you’re looking to tone {which I know we all are ladies!} Do a two day split workout with one day rest and repeat the cycle.
If you have any fitness related questions feel free to reach out to me! I’d love to chat more about it!

Hope y’all have wonderful Thursday! Friday is finally in sight!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

Disclaimer: I am a certified group exercise instructor not a doctor or nutritionist. Be sure to check with your doctor before attempting workouts posted here if you have any medical conditions. 

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