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Weekend Shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

It’s quite disappointing that Sunday is always followed by Monday. I’m thinking we should spice things up a bit and just once, have Sunday followed by Friday afternoon. Just some food for thought. Take it or leave it. Since it is Monday and not Friday afternoon, let’s just revisit the weekend and pretend it’s not raining in Houston. Even better, I’ll do it in bullet point form. Who doesn’t love bullets? Shall we?


  • Hubs and I ventured over to our gigantic liquor store, Spec’s, for a few samples to start off our Friday night. We also brought a few things home including some yummy pomegranate {that word is hard to spell} liquor that I’m dying to add to champagne soon.
  • We had a super fun double date with Michael and Chandra at The Tasting Room in Uptown Park! We may or may not have downed 3 bottles of wine between the 4 of us. Obviously we had a blast. 


  • The hubs and I woke up early, grabbed some Starbucks to clear our wine fogged brains and headed to Sugar Land for the day!
  • I took some action shots of my little bro Matt at his basketball games. I’m going to do some editing and show y’all my first action shots with my Nikon. I’m a total beginner so don’t make fun. Thank goodness Mrs. Susan was there to help me out! Y’all should check out her blog, her photographs are amazing!
  • We enjoyed family time, chatted a lot, JP helped my daddy with some stuff outside and we took the dogs on a fun adventure walk.
  • That evening Mom and Dad went to another one of Matt’s basketball games, so JP cooked while Emily and I played darts, Madlibs and read for over an hour. We’re cool like that.


  • I ran the Rhythm and Blues half marathon! It was a steamy 70 degrees with about 90% humidity. I ran it solo but met up with some fellow Runner’s High friends before! I’ll have a race recap tomorrow!
  • The rest of the day we sat around on the couch, watched a bunch of movies. {The Lucky One, National Treasure, Sherlock Holmes} The hubs napped while I just rested. Running in high humidity takes it out of me since my lungs don’t always cooperate! It was nice to just not do anything {besides get the laundry started} for once. 
  • I made some buffalo chicken in the crock pot and came up with this super yummy dinner based on odds and ends that we had!
Not the healthiest dinner I’ve made, but it was still right at 600 calories and look at how colorful it is!
How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun and exciting or just relax?

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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