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My Marathon Weekend

My Marathon Weekend

Happy Monday my lovelies! Another weekend has come and gone and Monday has snuck up far too quickly! This weekend was definitely an epic one for me. I accomplished something that I have never done before, met a goal and persevered through tough conditions. It was a weekend that I will never forget because I ran my first marathon. I really did it! After the race yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do was upload and edit pictures, so today you will get some iPhone captures and tomorrow will be a recap of race day. So make sure y’all come back now!

So here’s how my weekend went:

On Friday I:

  • Played with my pup
  • Went to dinner at Pappa’s Seafood with the hubs for some grilled shrimp and pasta to carb-o-load! Hubs is on nights so it was nice to see him for a little bit during the week!
  • Watched Pitch Perfect and fell asleep on the couch {I’m exciting, I know}
On Saturday I:
  • Had a lazy morning, enjoyed my coffee and made waffles for the hubs!
  • Went to the Memorial Hermann Expo for the marathon & half marathon, got our race bibs, lots of free samples and even checked out the finish line!
  • Met up with the hubs parents and Poppi {his grandma} for an easy lunch at Cafe Express
  • Watched football with the hubs and in-laws
  • Went to a delish Italian dinner at Ninos
Top left: Pic of the finish line!
Top right: My race bib! I was in the first corral and had an awesome number 🙂
Bottom: Entrance to the expo!

On Sunday I:

  • Woke up really early to head to George R. Brown Convention Center
  • Ran a marathon {no big deal}
  • Attempted to walk around the expo to gather snacks and drinks
  • Attempted to walk to our car. {Walking was NOT easy y’all!}
  • Sat around for a while while my in-laws, daddy and sister took care of me
  • Went to Kung Fu {a bar} to watch the Texans with a bunch of friends who also ran the marathon or half
  • Fell asleep on the couch…again

Clockwise from top left:
Playin’ with Miss Maggie…she never wants to let go
Relaxing on Saturday morning with my coffee in my awesome tumbler from my seester Kate!
Friends at Kung Fu with our medals!
Race Bling! I’m a marathoner!

Though it doesn’t sound like an exciting weekend, it’s actually one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling weekends I’ve ever experienced! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to hear just how the race went with lots of pictures!!! Here’s a sneak peek…

Yes, it’s wet, cold, rainy and windy!

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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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