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It’s OKAY + Pre Christmas Celebrations
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It’s OKAY + Pre Christmas Celebrations

Happy day after, the day after Christmas! Kind of happy I guess. If you ask me, it’s a bit of a bummer. Now we have to wait another 363 days to celebrate Christmas again. However, the past several days have been absolutely amazing and this Christmas was perfect. I’m sad it’s over, but ready for another amazing year.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m back at work today and let’s just say it’s been an interesting morning. That being said, I’ve updated this post to include a link up to It’s OKAY Thursday with my girls Neely & Amber because it’s just necessary 🙂


Its Ok Thursdays
…that I left my computer at home this morning and didn’t realize it until I got into the office.

…that I locked my key in my car and didn’t notice until I was about to go home to get said computer.

…that I’ve totally got the post Christmas blues. I love the build up to Christmas, so once it’s over, it makes me a little sad. At least the New Year is right around the corner!

…that my previous employer just now cut off my phone. I got 2 extra months of them paying for me…not to bad. Too bad they cut me off the day after Christmas. Looks like I’m going to the AT&T store during my lunch break.

…that it’s not even 10:00am on a Thursday and I could really use a glass of wine…or a margarita.

…that I’ve been gone a few days, so let’s play catch up. Prepare for picture overload.

First up…Wednesday, December 19th cookie decorating with my running girls Chandra and Melanie!!!





Of course Miss Maggie had to help out!





We are awesome decorators. It probably would have been better had I not made runny frosting on accident…ooops. It was super fun nonetheless and our running buddies appreciated them after our 22 mile run on Saturday!!!

Friday, December 21st, we had our little family Christmas! We exchanged our little gifts followed by dinner and a movie 🙂


I’ve learned that Maggie is very intrigued by presents and enjoys opening them. Especially if they aren’t hers!






Saturday, December 22nd we had our friends over for a Tacky Sweater Christmas party!!! Even the liquor was dressed in tacky attire!






Corley brought over his 12 week old pup and her and Maggie had a blast playing. Maggie wasn’t too sure about her at first. I love this pic because Mags looks so fierce!








Perfect photo op!
Philip & Alison
Tyler & Ashley
JP & Yours Truly

I hope y’all are able to make it through the work day. I have a computer now, so I may be able too 🙂 More Christmas recaps to come. It’s hard to be down today considering just how blessed I am. I’m a lucky girl.

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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