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You know you’re training for a marathon when…

You know you’re training for a marathon when…

…you run the distance of a half marathon on a random Saturday by yourself without the spectators or medal & goodies at the end.

…you plan your Friday night activities around your Saturday morning long runs.

…your weekly workouts look something like this…

Last Week’s Workouts
Friday: 2 mile hilly power walk
Saturday: 13.1 mile run {8:55 pace}
Sunday: OFF – I walked around the airport a bunch though! {I have an issue with sitting still for long periods of time.}
Monday: 4 mile run {8:48 pace}
Tuesday: 2 mile walk with pup & 1 hr 15 min yoga class
Wednesday: 5 mile run {8:35 pace}
Thursday: Hills practice tonight! About 4-5 miles!

…you start taking yoga so your hamstrings and hip flexors don’t kill you!

…your week night activities revolve around what your running club is doing. Tuesdays: Track – Thursdays: Hills!

…you’re counting down to what most people would see as an arbitrary day in January. 80 days…in case you’re wondering!

…you plan on running 40 miles total on the week of Christmas. 22 miles will be run at once. For fun. Guess who’s not feeling guilty eating Christmas goodies this year?

…you’re used to going to breakfast drenched in sweat and salt.

…you do laundry more often just so you can replenish your diminishing stock of workout clothes.

…running more than 10 miles on a Saturday becomes the norm.

…you occasionally have nightmares about not being prepared for the race. I suspect more to come as race time approaches!

So there you have it! What do you think…ready to train for a marathon? I am! Oh wait…already working on it…and oddly loving it!

Ready for tonight’s hill practice and this weekend’s 14 miler with the group. It’s amazing how many great friends you can make through running. The best part is that not only do we have something in common, but it happens to be something that betters us! After my week away from Houston, I’ve been running solo for a while and I can’t wait to run with my friends {and hubby} tonight! I’ll go ahead and give my hubs a pat on the back since he’s training for the half which will be his second. I convinced him to run in Philly with me for my birthday last year 🙂

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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