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Inspire Me Healthy: Love to Run
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Inspire Me Healthy: Love to Run

I love Thursdays because I love fitness. You know what else I love? To run. Before I get into why, here’s what I did last week!

Last Week’s Workouts
Friday: 9 mile long run {9:16 pace}
Saturday: 3 mile walk
Sunday: OFF
Monday: 4 mile run {8:38 pace} – 2 softball games
Tuesday: 3 mile run {8:35 pace} – Track practice 2 miles {7:30 pace}
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 4.3 mile run {8:37 pace} – yes this morning! I did it 🙂 Nice and humid
I love to run…

…to hear the pavement beneath my feet

…to feel good about myself
…to release my stress and worries
…to have time with me
…to eat cupcakes with no shame
…to strengthen my body
…to have something to work towards
…to keep my sanity
…to feel like I’ve accomplished something
…to be able to carboload
…to push my body to its limits
…to wake up early and run with the sunrise
…to get inside my head
…to enjoy myself
…to think
…to feel sore
…to grow as a person and an athlete
…to wear cute workout clothes
…to prove to myself how strong I am – mentally and physically
…just to run!

What do you love? What keeps you going every day? What do you have to look forward to? Is it physical…mental…? We all have different things that make us tick. While my family, friends and loved ones constantly keep my spirits up and help me live day to day, running is how I keep my sanity and help improve myself! It’s all about finding what you love!

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Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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